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Life Principle: A Life of Obedience

Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.

What challenge are you facing today, and what is God leading you to do in response to it? At times you will encounter situations that seem overwhelming, and the Lord will command you to take a course of action that puts you or something important to you at risk. Perhaps He directs you to be bold about your faith, or possibly to be silent as others falsely accuse you. Maybe He asks you to give up a certain possession or relationship that you believe you cannot live without. It is even conceivable that He could be prompting you to reach out to someone whom you are sure will reject you.

You may feel vulnerable or fearful about following His command—but do it anyway. As the Creator of all that exists, God has the power to conform all circumstances to His will, and He can bring a good result from your situation if you will obey Him. Just remember that His directions are for your growth, benefit, and/or protection, and you can always count on Him to lead you down the best path possible. Your choice in this situation will determine your spiritual growth and the quality of your relationship with the Father. Therefore, obey Him and leave whatever consequence is causing you anxiety in His capable hands.


  • Spend time in prayer asking God to draw you closer, reveal His perfect will to you, and fill you with courage for whatever step of faith you must take. Then, commit to obey Him.

  • Write down your commitment to the Lord (along with the date) on an index card. Then, write out Psalm 22:5 below it. Whenever you feel yourself wavering, refer back to the card. Watch for God's provision and blessing in response to your obedience, and make sure to take note of how He answers you.

Life Examples


Aaron reminds us that God requires full obedience to His word,  no matter how tempting it may feel to compromise. Learn more.


Building the ark didn't bring Noah any closer to God--but his obedience and faith in God did. Learn more.


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