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Magazine Articles

The Body of Christ

In order to receive the full blessing of God, we must live in harmony—helping each other according to our gifts. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


No Risk Too Great

When we submit our life to God, it can become a thrilling adventure. So why not trust Him with it? Read the Article.


By Water and Spirit

Along with bringing drinking water to people in need, Water Missions International’s founders, George and Molly Greene, bring the Word of God. Read the Article.


Loved as We Are

When we accept the reality of our flawed existence we discover God loves us as we are—not as we think we should be. Read the Article.


The Search for Authentic Discipleship

When it comes to true discipleship in a community, programs get us only so far. It requires intentionality and—most importantly—God’s involvement. Read the Article.


Wired for Community

Technology can be used to enhance discipleship or displace it—what determines its impact is how we use it. Read the Article.


Practice Before Perfection

When difficult times tempt us to improvise, years of practicing Christian discipline will save the day. Read the Article.


The Master Mentor

When we encourage one another, we position ourselves for lasting growth in our relationship with Christ. Read the Article.


Thinking About the Trinity, Part Three

Though we will never fully understand His majesty, we can learn about our triune God through something as simple as a shamrock. Read the Article.


Learning to Follow

The path to faith in Christ isn’t always a straight line. But for those willing to walk it, the journey is incredible. Read the Article.


Love on the Altar

Marriage transforms us into images of God’s love—but the process isn’t easy. Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — May 2014

Read the Article.


Heart Language: Amen

A single word has the power to affirm the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. Read the Article.


‘Peonies’ by Robert Siegel

Nature’s simple things reflect the greater glory of creation. Read the Article.


Healing Presence

We are all wounded and need the Healer. From this place of brokenness, we can both experience Jesus’ healing, and invite others to share in the same. Read the Article.


Walking in Holiness

God calls us to be spiritually focused at Easter—and every other time of the year. Read the Article.


Time to Party

If we’re to celebrate the Resurrection and share the Gospel, why not do it with pastries? Read the Article.


The Guys Who Saved Easter

You may think you’ve heard the entire Easter story. But do you know about the two unlikely heroes who risked everything for what they believed? Read the Article.


Watching for New Life

Many Christians are familiar with large celebration services on Resurrection Sunday, but what about the night before? A look at the tradition of the Easter vigil. Read the Article.

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