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Magazine Articles

What Does “Peace” Mean?

Experiencing shalom by putting Christ first in everything. Read the Article.


Portrait of a Mother

Seeing Jesus anew through the eyes of His faithful mother, Mary. Read the Article.


Of Kings and Scoundrels

Filled with characters, the genealogy of Jesus reveals the path to the Messiah. Read the Article.


Shining Light

Christmas isn’t the most joyous time of the season for some. Yet Christ always desires for His light to shine in the darkness. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


Seasoned with Grace

One large—and extremely diverse—family finds unity around the Thanksgiving table. Read the Article.


Faith from the First

A pastor recounts transformation in his native Uganda. Read the Article.


The Humility of the Disciples

The attitude of Christ’s first followers provides an example of self-denial. Read the Article.


Total Surrender

The apostle Paul lived his life in complete submission to Christ, and his example is one for us today. Read the Article.


Memorable Meals: A Thanksgiving Special

Writers share stories about holiday feasts that have meant the most to them. Read the Article.


Hungrier Than We Know

When we find ourselves starving, there’s only one direction to turn. Read the Article.


What Does “Witness” Mean?

More than a simple testimony, our witness is about who we are in Christ. Read the Article.


To Love the World

In the beginning, God ordained life on earth and saw that it was good. Why shouldn’t we do the same? Read the Article.


Feasting in Fellowship

One Jewish celebration reveals the connection between feasting and worship. Read the Article.


Let Nothing Be Wasted

A remembrance to good stewardship amid God’s many blessings. Read the Article.


Now, This Time with Heart

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a life of consistently giving thanks—year round. Read the Article.


Thanksgiving in the Sahara

Read the Article.


Soul Food

Read the Article.


Shared Dish, Shared Life

Read the Article.


Simple Taste

Read the Article.

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