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The Tender Scar

One widower shares his own experience of journeying through grief—and what made a difference for him. Read the Article.


Small Town, Big Heart

A tiny rural community takes in 72 of the toughest kids in the foster care system—and a miracle the size of Texas is born. Read the Article.


Every Tribe, Every Tongue

How In Touch Ministries is partnering with the Aché tribe of Paraguay to spread the gospel. Read the Article.


Smart Stewardship

How you handle money and possessions is key to your spiritual growth. Randy Alcorn weighs in on materialism and the freedom that comes from generous living. Read the Article.


The Missing Persons Project: The Disabled

People with disabilities have to answer many difficult questions in life, but “Will I ever feel accepted in church?” should never be one of them. In this special report, we explore the challenges they face and the blessings of welcoming them into the body of Christ. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

How to begin a new, purpose-filled life. Read the Article.


Seed for the Sower

A Bible study on divine provision and the joy of giving. Read the Article.


Rooted to a Place

How the gospel moves into the neighborhood—when we invest our energy, prayer, and time in the specific place God has planted us. Read the Article.


The Giver of Many Gifts

How to know when your God-given ability is part of His calling on your life—or simply intended for His glory and your enjoyment. Read the Article.


What Does “Blessing” Really Mean?

Unpacking this rich biblical word can help us realize the power of God’s intentions toward us. Read the Article.


The Empty House

Rejecting the pull of materialism for true fulfillment. Read the Article.


The Search for More

May 2013: A Word from Dr. Stanley Read the Article.


Can God Use You?

God has perfectly equipped and enabled each of us to be a part of His great work. So what’s holding us back? Read the Article.


Praying with Penny

When Amy Julia Becker’s baby was born with Down syndrome, she didn't know how to pray. Seven years later, her daughter is still teaching her. Read the Article.


Praying for Healing in Troubled Times

Anxious about our nation’s crises? There’s something you can do today that will make a great difference. Read the Article.


From the Belly of the Beast

How to pray like Jonah when the lights go out. Read the Article.


In Search of Shalom

We may believe in the goodness of God, but do we believe He is good to us? Read the Article.


Rekindling Hope

At times we feel imprisoned by discouragement, but God faithfully restores our hope in Him. Read the Article.


Beyond the Silence

Roger Sanchez Jr. preaches God's Word—with his hands. And he knows why there aren't more deaf people in your church. Read the Article.


A Conversation with Michael Beates

A father and theologian discusses the grace he sees on display after 30 years of caring for his daughter Jessica, who has a profound disability. Read the Article.

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