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Magazine Articles

You, Fully Alive

Without Jesus, we were dead—no matter how alive we looked. Then God came and changed everything. Read the Article.


Identity Crisis

Though we often feel inadequate, the Lord is strong where we are weak. Read the Article.


The Problem of Evil, Part 2

When we face skeptics who doubt our faith, we should not fret. After all, God is not afraid of questions. Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — January 2015

Read the Article.



BY SETH HAINES Read the Article.


Contentment Born of Love

Sometimes horrible things happen to people. But don’t let that stop you from the freedom found in forgiveness. Read the Article.


Graveyard Ravings

Like the Gadarene demoniac, how often are we content to wander in darkness? Read the Article.


A New Year’s Party for Two

Resolutions don’t cut it—for real change, we must spend time with the Savior. Read the Article.


Be Perfect?

Perhaps the directive from Jesus to “be perfect” means more than we’ve understood. Read the Article.


Choose Peace

Do you want to be free of anxiety? Jesus offers a deep peace that is not disturbed by circumstances. Read the Article.


Desperate Petitions

In a world filled with pain and brokenness, do you ever wonder if God even cares? Read the Article.


Joy Comes in the Mourning

Ken Totushek grieved his wife’s passing differently—and what he did not only changed him, but the lives of others. Read the Article.


Time to Fly

When busyness starts to consume us, it is time to recognize the need to retreat and find rest in simply existing. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


Good News of Great Joy

The good news of Jesus’ life on earth is reason enough to celebrate throughout the year—and it may be what could set us apart. Read the Article.


God’s Other Gift to the World

While we await Jesus’ return, He graciously gives humanity time to accept Him as Savior. Read the Article.


God With Us

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s remember the motive for the festivities: God’s presence on earth. Read the Article.


The Not-So-Empty Nesters

An American couple finds new purpose when they opened hearts and home to Chinese exchange students. Read the Article.


So Loved

BY JOHN BLASE Read the Article.


Generous Contentment

In abundance or scarcity, faith in God’s provision means being able to be content either way. Read the Article.

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