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Magazine Articles

The Mettle of a Man

The case for mentors. Read the Article.


Reaching the World Beyond Roads

Steve Saint's flying car. Read the Article.


A Heart that Says Yes

Risking for the Kingdom. Read the Article.


The Value of Submission

An Open Door for Transformation. Read the Article.


When God Says MOVE

Five Stories of Costly Obedience. Read the Article.


Healing the Land

How to influence the nation for God's kingdom. Read the Article.



Serving Christ through I.D. cards. Read the Article.


Welcome to the Table

The tradition of Christian hospitality. Read the Article.


Rewriting the Fatherless Story

Mentoring America's forgotten children. Read the Article.


The Seeds of Freedom

Lessons in liberty from Rome's early martyrs. Read the Article.


Psalm of Waking

A Poem by Nicholas Samaras. Read the Article.


Living in the Truth

Recognizing Sources of Deception. Read the Article.


Some Soldier

America’s first blind Army commander talks about seeing without eyes Read the Article.


The Kabiye: Faith Came by Listening

How faith was ignited through audio Scripture. Read the Article.


Transformed by the Word

Nothing is more precious than the Bible, but knowing how to use Scripture is crucial to unlocking its riches. Read the Article.


Handling Change

How should we react when the Lord directs our lives down a path we didn’t anticipate? Read the Article.


Hear Now My Words

For many of the world’s remote Bible-less people, technology is a game-changer—even if they’re illiterate. Read the Article.


The Word is Alive

The purpose of God’s Word? Pointing to the Word—Jesus Christ. Read the Article.


Maximizing Your Memory

The discipline of memorization is more than an activity reserved for children and Bible clubs. Read the Article.


Baruch: The Work That Endures

If it weren’t for the obedience of Baruch, we wouldn’t have the book of Jeremiah. Read the Article.