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Magazine Articles

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Learn more about the special place children have in God's heart. Read the Article.


The Donor-Advised Fund

Find out how the In Touch Foundation can assist those who want to financially support the furtherance of the gospel. Read the Article.


There and Back Again

Kristen Jane Anderson found extraordinary hope after a fatal choice. She wanted to die, but God had other plans. Read the Article.


The Butterfly Dancer

Psychologists call it a cycle and a process, but grief is a personalized response to loss. Read the Article.


A Barometer for Spiritual Growth

How far have you traveled down the road with Jesus? Gauge your progress with this helpful tool. Read the Article.


Just a Dream?

Just a Dream? A formernbsp;Muslim describes his startling encounter with Jesus. Read the Article.


Finding True Financial Freedom

Financial expert Howard Dayton gives advice on tracking your spending, finding freedom from debt, and investing for the future. Read the Article.


The Empowering Emotion of Joy

Don’t confuse joy with happiness. It is possible—and strengthening—to rejoice, even in the midst of heartache. Read the Article.


Eyes Wide Open

Billions of dollars go to short-term missions each year, but is their impact as positive as we think? Read the Article.


Positively Complaining

Speaking one’s mind often gets a bad rap, but these practical tips can yield better results. Read the Article.


The Superhero Mentality

No matter how capable you feel, activity for God is never a worthy substitute for intimacy with Him. Read the Article.


The Unitrust Advantage

If structured properly, a CRUT is a tax-exempt trust that can sell appreciated assets without any tax. Read the Article.


Creation's Testimony

This month's study considers how heaven and earth provide a constant display of evidence concerning God’s existence, power, and character. Read the Article.


My Chance to Be the Change

The world has big problems, but sometimes small efforts demonstrate God’s love the most. Read the Article.


Connecting in Real Life

Are your relationships missing that personal touch? Give up the gadgets and get some face time. Read the Article.


Blessed Assurance

Want to know what your teen (or tween) is really thinking? A national survey finds that they all want the same thing. Read the Article.


Always Leave a Light On

Always Leave a Light On No matter how impossible it seems, you don't have to give up hope that your prodigal will come home. Read the Article.



unChristian Barna Group presidentnbsp;shares why some say Christians don't act very Christlike. Read the Article.


The Green Elephant in the Room

Tri Robinson discovered that creation care and stewardship isn't a political issue so much as a biblical one. Read the Article.


Orphans Among Us

Not sure foster parenting is for someone like you? Veteran foster parent Teresa Vining gives you the details. Read the Article.