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Magazine Articles

Standing in the Cloud

The value in telling stories of God's faithfulness. Read the Article.


That They May Be One

A conversation about biblical conflict-resolution. Read the Article.


To All Nations

Embracing God's desire for diversity. Read the Article.


Ask Dr. Stanley: Is Baptism Necessary?

The purpose of this important step in the disciple's life. Read the Article.


May 2012: Celebrating Dr. Stanley

How In Touch Ministries got its name. Read the Article.


A House of Prayer

How a praying church brings God's kingdom to earth. Read the Article.


Do you know God?

God's invitation to join His family. Read the Article.


Living the Crucified Life

God's surprising path to freedom. Read the Article.


Do you know God?

Salvation through Christ's death and resurrection Read the Article.


At the Cross

Who was there and why it mattered. Read the Article.


The Embrace of Extraordinary Love

How one young woman gave up her life and learned to truly live. Read the Article.


The Death of Sin

What it means to pick up your cross. Read the Article.


One Step at a Time

Arthur Blessitt's lifelong pilgrimage. Read the Article.


A Sacred Sorrow

The joy of comforting those who suffer. Read the Article.


Ask Dr. Stanley: How Can I Be Saved?

How to begin your new life in Christ. Read the Article.


The Emptied Self

How true humility gives confidence. Read the Article.


April 2012: Celebrating Dr. Stanley

How Dr. Stanley became First Baptist Church Atlanta's pastor. Read the Article.


In the Beginning, Again

God's redemption of creation. Read the Article.


Willing to Wait

Choosing the mature, life-giving response. Read the Article.


Perspectives on Waiting

Embracing process, the present moment. Read the Article.