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Handling Change

How should we react when the Lord directs our lives down a path we didn’t anticipate? Read the Article.


Hear Now My Words

For many of the world’s remote Bible-less people, technology is a game-changer—even if they’re illiterate. Read the Article.


The Word is Alive

The purpose of God’s Word? Pointing to the Word—Jesus Christ. Read the Article.


Maximizing Your Memory

The discipline of memorization is more than an activity reserved for children and Bible clubs. Read the Article.


Baruch: The Work That Endures

If it weren’t for the obedience of Baruch, we wouldn’t have the book of Jeremiah. Read the Article.


The Words of Our Mouth

Words are powerful and influential. We should handle them carefully, because they can be used for good or evil. Read the Article.


To Heal Rwanda's Heart

Rwanda's stunning reconciliation movement shows how God can use the most unlikely situations to bring glory to Himself. Read the Article.


Acting Like the Devil

Actor Max McLean discusses what it's like to play one of literature's best-known demons. Read the Article.


The Practice of Praise

Scripture offers two wonderful examples of men who chose to respond supernaturally in times of difficulty. Read the Article.


The Thirst for More

We can regain the courage to love with abandon even after we've experienced brokenness and pain in relationships. Read the Article.


My Mom's Real Face

Mothers often feel overlooked and unappreciated, but God understands every one of them. And some day, their children will too. Read the Article.


When Love Tarries

The story of Martha and Lazarus demonstrates that surrendering to God's way doesn't guarantee an easy path. Read the Article.


Canticle of the Washing Machine

See how even the inanimate objects in service to us can glorify God, and assist us in doing the same. Read the Article.


Behind C. S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters

C. S. Lewis was inspired to write The Screwtape Letters as a result of a speech given by Adolf Hitler in July 1940. Read the Article.


Highlights of C. S. Lewis's Life

Read the Article.


A Better Resurrection

This month's poem asks us to look beyond our current troubles to the Lord Jesus Christ and the communion we have with Him. Read the Article.


A Place Called Heaven

What do you have to look forward to in your life after death? Read the Article.


Journey with the Messiah

See Jesus through a new lens—images by fashion photographer Michael Belk show the timeless relevance of Christ’s messages. Read the Article.


Off the Road Again

Join us for a Christian pilgrimage through the wilderness of Jordan, where Jesus was baptized. Read the Article.


Debt-Free Dwelling

A young couple managed to save enough money to buy their first home with cash. Could you? Read the Article.