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Magazine Articles

An Essential Ingredient

One man learns that a meal could be a medium for relationship—if he'd just slow down. Read the Article.


Fridays at Avalon

A father and son enjoy years of Fridays across the table from each other where they share more than diner food. Read the Article.


Feasting on Mystery

Though we may not love everything He loves, we can be open to experience God's diverse creation. Read the Article.


In Due Season

As a child, she barbecued ribs with her grandfather and learned a thing or two about rest and waiting. Read the Article.


Family Heirlooms

A woman learns the value of time spent in the kitchen with her mother as roles start to reverse. Read the Article.


Pure Generosity

While visiting another country, one traveler experiences generosity and, in turn, learns to open her doors a little wider. Read the Article.


From Table to Soul

Food is a constant in our lives—from special occasions to daily sustenance. And sometimes food is much more than a meal. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — November 2014

Read the Article.


Grateful Hearts

Only by practicing gratitude can we truly enjoy all of God’s gifts. Read the Article.


Buying a Widow’s Mite Off eBay

BY AMY SAWYER Read the Article.


Heart Language: Messiah

Our Lord and Savior has many titles in the Bible, but none is quite like “the Anointed One.” Read the Article.


Silence is the Secret

Dwelling in stillness with the Lord prepares us to listen and receive from Him. Read the Article.


Beyond Acquaintance

God has invited us into a deep, meaningful relationship with Him—and it’s more than scheduled rituals. Read the Article.


A Recipe for Renewal

While dealing with loss, one man still finds joy in serving others with his time and desserts. Read the Article.


A Population of Squirrels

BY LUKE HANKINS Read the Article.


Nothing to Lose

Loss is a reminder that, one day, we’ll walk into an eternity where there’s nothing to lose. Read the Article.


Embracing Rejection

Christ was often met with either awe or rejection—we cannot accept one and discard the other. Read the Article.


On Raising My Kids in Church

Though the church has its flaws, it is still the place we meet the people—and presence—of God. Read the Article.


Sweet Remembrance

When he lost his wife, Gene Crumbley decided to compile her recipes into a book, creating a blessing for others as well as himself. Read the Article.

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