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Magazine Articles

Not to Worry

When we focus on God and His promises, we are able to keep our confidence—come what may. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

There is no assignment we can complete without God. Get to know Him today. Read the Article.


No Reservations

Think theology is only for academics? Here’s why the study of God is essential to every Christian. Read the Article.


Every Story Whispers His Name

Sometimes all it takes to reinvigorate our faith is simple—like reading a children’s Bible. Read the Article.


Heart Language: Miracle

Hardly coincidences, the mighty works of God are beyond the natural order of things. Read the Article.


Clear Direction

To choose between what’s good and what’s best, we must first pick God’s guidance over human reasoning. Read the Article.


Sugar Snap Peas

BY SARAH M. WELLS Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — August 2014

Read the Article.


Messenger to the Military

Facing fear during a war, one woman calls out to the only One who saves. Read the Article.


God Doesn’t Need You

In order to rest in a restless world, we must let go of the need to be needed. Read the Article.


Two Potatoes

When we are content in the Lord, any small bit is enough. Read the Article.


Now I Lay Me Down

True slumber requires faith in our ultimate Protector. Read the Article.


Re-Placing the Sabbath

When we want to trust God with our busy days, we start by resting. Read the Article.


Whatever You Do

God wants us to find pleasure in our daily living, but striking a balance is essential. Read the Article.


Your Work, God’s Work

We all ask, “Why am I here?” The answer is in Genesis. Read the Article.


The Strength to Finish

Our capability is not determined by others’ expectations when the Lord is with us. Read the Article.


Friendship in the Rearview

A relationship may end, but that doesn't make it any less sweet. Read the Article.


Time Well Spent

Our time is a precious gift from the Lord—and the way we use it reveals our priorities. Read the Article.


Life Amid Our Circumstances

What does it mean to “grow where we’re planted”? Read the Article.


Two Willing Hands

Sometimes we forget that the simplest act of help can be an immense blessing to others. Read the Article.

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