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Magazine Articles

The Problem of Evil, Part 1

We may not comprehend why certain things happen, but we can know that our God chooses to join us in our suffering. Read the Article.


Yes Woman

Beth Guckenberger has learned that when she says “yes” to God, she chooses the best story she could ever live. Read the Article.


What Do I Know?

The busyness of church life can sometimes look like authentic devotion. But we may not be as devoted as we think. Read the Article.


An Invitation to Adventure

The call of discipleship is similar to the experience of one famous fictional character. Read the Article.


Restoring the Joy of Christmas

At this time of the year, it should be joy—not outrage—that marks the Christian. Read the Article.


At Home with the Homeless

A student at Harvard gives up the warmth of a bed to live among the homeless. Read the Article.


The Pattern of Peace

How do we overcome stress during the holidays? Through prayer, obedience and gratitude. Read the Article.


How to Be Good at Being Rich

Just like God gives of Himself to us, we too should be generous toward others. After all, we are wealthier than we think. Read the Article.


Food and a Beautiful God

Food is an opportunity to experience God's beauty and goodness, but one writer didn't always see it that way. Read the Article.


An Essential Ingredient

One man learns that a meal could be a medium for relationship—if he'd just slow down. Read the Article.


Fridays at Avalon

A father and son enjoy years of Fridays across the table from each other where they share more than diner food. Read the Article.


Feasting on Mystery

Though we may not love everything He loves, we can be open to experience God's diverse creation. Read the Article.


In Due Season

As a child, she barbecued ribs with her grandfather and learned a thing or two about rest and waiting. Read the Article.


Family Heirlooms

A woman learns the value of time spent in the kitchen with her mother as roles start to reverse. Read the Article.


Pure Generosity

While visiting another country, one traveler experiences generosity and, in turn, learns to open her doors a little wider. Read the Article.


From Table to Soul

Food is a constant in our lives—from special occasions to daily sustenance. And sometimes food is much more than a meal. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — November 2014

Read the Article.


Grateful Hearts

Only by practicing gratitude can we truly enjoy all of God’s gifts. Read the Article.


Buying a Widow’s Mite Off eBay

BY AMY SAWYER Read the Article.

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