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Magazine Articles

Sustained by Prayer

Prayer is not separate from day-to-day living—in fact, it dwells in the human details of our existence. Read the Article.


Where the Real Action Is

In times when victory seems impossible, we learn that battles are not won through our effort, but through God’s power. Read the Article.


Foolish for God . . . All the Way to Mali

Passion and obedience leads a family to the sixth-poorest country in the world—all for God’s glory. Read the Article.


Daily Communion with God

To go from knowing about God to knowing Him, our interactions with Him must be intentional. Read the Article.


Your Work, God’s Work, Part 3

If the Holy Spirit dwells in us, we are all ministers, active participants in God’s work. Read the Article.


Through the Ensete Hedgerow

A couple is dissuaded from adopting an orphan, only to find that through a ministry in Ethiopia, they can be of help to many daughters and sons. Read the Article.


Food for the Humble

As we instruct our children, we have the opportunity to learn some things about ourselves. Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — October 2014

Read the Article.


A Different View of the Beatitudes

Even a well-known passage, when explored and dissected, can provide us with a new perspective. Read the Article.


The Vending Machine is Out of Order

Like prayer, poetry can be overwhelming. But, also like prayer, it is worth delving into. Read the Article.


The Privilege of Prayer

The Lord desires relationship with us, and if we choose to seek Him in prayer—laying aside duty and seeking companionship—we find a God who is willing to show us His heart. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


Softer Gaze

BY JOHN BLASE Read the Article.


Religion is a Crutch

BY LUKE HANKINS Read the Article.


When This Mountain Crumbles

Do we truly expect God to respond to our prayers? Do we believe He cares enough to answer? Read the Article.


Cross Purposes

Destined for great success, a young surgeon surprises others when he obeys the Lord by attending seminary. Read the Article.


Blessings of the Once and Future Kingdom

Our world is broken, and God has promised to make it anew. Yet through Jesus, we experience glimpses of that change even now. Read the Article.


Worthy of Heaven

Though he boasted a privileged position in Islam, one man encounters Jesus: the only One who offers holy, unconditional love. Read the Article.


A Quiet Faithfulness

In a world that seems to be unraveling, Christians should not fight fire with fire. We are called to the simple, subtle work of faithfulness. Read the Article.


A Mission from God

As ambassadors of God on earth, we are given the opportunity to demonstrate His characters to others. But we can only do so with a heart of compassion. Read the Article.

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