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Healing Presence

We are all wounded and need the Healer. From this place of brokenness, we can both experience Jesus’ healing, and invite others to share in the same. Read the Article.


Walking in Holiness

God calls us to be spiritually focused at Easter—and every other time of the year. Read the Article.


Time to Party

If we’re to celebrate the Resurrection and share the Gospel, why not do it with pastries? Read the Article.


The Guys Who Saved Easter

You may think you’ve heard the entire Easter story. But do you know about the two unlikely heroes who risked everything for what they believed? Read the Article.


Watching for New Life

Many Christians are familiar with large celebration services on Resurrection Sunday, but what about the night before? A look at the tradition of the Easter vigil. Read the Article.


Things Made New

There are moments when we engage our faith in simple ways—and then God surprises us with His glory. Read the Article.


Trials for the Anointed

God’s calling guarantees trouble, and we shouldn’t be surprised when it comes. Read the Article.


The Road to the Cross

Experience the Lord in a deeper way this month, as you prepare to observe His death and celebrate His resurrection. Read the Article.


The Bride Wore Red

While religious traditions can exclude people, love never does. Read the Article.


A Love Without End

The same God who celebrates life’s milestones with us also redeems our low points. Both gentle and fierce, His love is always constant. Read the Article.


A Reason to Celebrate

In our faith, we have mournful days like Good Friday and victorious ones like Resurrection Sunday. But God calls us to be joyful no matter what we go through. Read the Article.


Do you know God?

Read the Article.


The Story of Nicodemus

A religious leader struggles with comparing what he always believed with what Christ spoke. Read the Article.


The Story of the 10 Lepers

A group of men is healed by Christ, but only one returns to give thanks. Read the Article.


Doubting Thomas

Christ provides us with what we need to believe in His resurrection. Read the Article.


The Last Supper—Jesus Washing Feet

Love is such an easy thing to pretend. Thank God He never did. Read the Article.


What Am I Doing Here?

Life happens fast; we live fully when we make Jesus’ purpose our own. Read the Article.


On the Morning of the Resurrection

Reflection on an Easter painting Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — April 2014

Read the Article.


Segera Calling

Would you leave a comfortable life for a mission with no easy guarantee of success? Richard and Janice Skow chose to, and for good reason. Read the Article.

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