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Magazine Articles

The Price of Eggs

Thousands of miles from home, one family receives an unexpected blessing: the opportunity to trust God and their fellow man. Read the Article.


Until Next Time

To the saved, death only stings on this side of eternity—it’s not the end of the story. Read the Article.


Light from Fes

In the exotic, winding roads of a Moroccan city, one traveler finds new appreciation for the familiar. Read the Article.


‘A Way Through Words’ by Sofia M. Starnes

An examination of the significance of silence in relating to God. Read the Article.


Stained Glass

BY GAIL DUNHAM Read the Article.


Heart Language: Goodness

How many of us concern ourselves with just living “good enough” lives? Read the Article.


Ask the Bones

An answered prayer, a chance to share the Gospel, comes at the foot of an active volcano. Read the Article.


Safe Passage

Over mountains and through deserts, a family vacation reveals the need for God’s peace to one 15-year-old. Read the Article.


Manhattan on a Whim

A spur-of-the-moment trip to New York City revives a weary soul—and foreshadows a future decision. Read the Article.


On the Beaten Path

A difficult trip through the French Alps turns out to be worth the hike. Read the Article.


The Most Important Step

We can’t proceed in the journey of life if we’re unwilling to risk and take that first step. Read the Article.


World Wide Worship

How do you stay connected to the Lord—and His Body—thousands of miles from home? Read the Article.


Reveling in Repetition

A father looks beyond doubt and insecurity to lay a foundation for his little daughter. Read the Article.


From iPods to iGods

Advances in technology have many benefits, but do they help us deepen as disciples of Christ? Read the Article.


The Body of Christ

In order to receive the full blessing of God, we must live in harmony—helping each other according to our gifts. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


No Risk Too Great

When we submit our life to God, it can become a thrilling adventure. So why not trust Him with it? Read the Article.


By Water and Spirit

Along with bringing drinking water to people in need, Water Missions International’s founders, George and Molly Greene, bring the Word of God. Read the Article.


Loved as We Are

When we accept the reality of our flawed existence we discover God loves us as we are—not as we think we should be. Read the Article.


The Search for Authentic Discipleship

When it comes to true discipleship in a community, programs get us only so far. It requires intentionality and—most importantly—God’s involvement. Read the Article.

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