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Dare to Ask

God’s deep desire is always for restoration, even when we make major mistakes. Read the Article.


Running the Good Race

Professional athletes Ryan and Sarah Hall share how faith impacts their training. Read the Article.


The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers

Three little words spoken in humility can change everything. Read the Article.


Lost in Translation

Though the music is missing, the book of Psalms still resonates with melody. Read the Article.


Do My Prayers Frustrate God?

How an all-knowing Lord can keep up with our scattered, fragmented requests. Read the Article.


The Battle of Prayer

One of the most meaningful experiences of our lives, prayer also is a great struggle. The first key to victory is remembering that prayer is a battlefield, and the victory is ours in Christ. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Finding new life in Christ is the one way to know your prayers are heard by God. Read the Article.


What Does “Eternal” Mean?

Everlasting life in Christ isn’t just a continuation, but a new kind of life altogether. Read the Article.


Wild Things

Learning the art of peace and rest from a 350-pound creature. Read the Article.


Take the Next Step

The day-to-day walk with Jesus Christ is the most fulfilling, exciting journey we will ever discover. Read the Article.


Not of This World

Knowing God and acting in His name takes more than just rejecting the thoughts of the world. What the Bible says about worldliness and the fruit of godly wisdom. Read the Article.


A Curious Jesus

Christ’s questions then and now are far more than a simple request for information. Read the Article.


Why Beauty Matters

In welcoming beauty into our lives, we allow it to awaken a longing for the Source of all created beauties. Read the Article.


A Spiritual Hunger

The search for meaning and purpose has led some people to settle for a vague, self-affirming path. God’s true satisfaction is awaiting them in Jesus Christ. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Begin a lifelong path of God's purposes by accepting Jesus Christ into your heart. Read the Article.


The Only Answer We Have

Recognizing when it’s OK to say we don’t have all the answers in life. Read the Article.


What Does “Obedience” Mean?

In our desire to submit to God, we learn that only by loving Him can we obey. Read the Article.


Ready to Meet You

A chance encounter, a missed opportunity to encounter Christ in another. Read the Article.


The Missing Persons Project: The Searchers

If the number of people rejecting Christianity is on the rise, are we as the church doing something wrong? What are they seeking, and how can we help them find it? Read the Article.


Patience for the Prodigal

God will go to surprising lengths—and may let some people fall to surprising depths—to get their attention. Read the Article.

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