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The Holy Spirit and You

Self-reliance is guaranteed to bring about a fruitless life. What God has for us is so much more. Read the Article.


With Fear and Trembling

Working out our salvation has far less to do with our actions than our identity. Read the Article.


At Peace with Me

It’s time to end the constant comparison to others and instead embrace God’s unique calling. Read the Article.


A Story Unfinished

For one couple, 99 days with their infant son changed the way they viewed life. Read the Article.


Compass the City

When faced with one of their greatest challenges, the Israelites chose to listen to God. Read the Article.


A Firm Foundation

Reject the “resolution rut” this year, instead focusing on the path to true transformation. Read the Article.


Morning Rhythms

What better way to bring a family together than over breakfast? Read the Article.


The Problem Is

What’s really wrong with the world? Consider a famous answer and its implications. Read the Article.


Faces in the Crowd

Allowing unexpected encounters to change us is part of the Christian calling. Read the Article.


As We Have Forgiven

Letting go of anger in favor of the unshakable peace of the Lord. Read the Article.


To Be Well Dressed

Putting on the best gift we’ve ever received—Jesus Christ. Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — January 2014

Read the Article.


Home for the Holidays

A family deals with a difficult loss during Christmas. Read the Article.


Christmas Candy

A grandmother’s legacy means more than just holiday tradition. Read the Article.


A Royal Birth

God’s divine announcement was not proclaimed like earthly royalty. Read the Article.


Christmas, A Personal Promise

More than just “the reason for the season,” the birth of Jesus represents the promises of God fulfilled. Read the Article.


Saving Christmas from Christians

Are we really on the side we think in “the war on Christmas?” It’s time to decide. Read the Article.


A Song for Eva

A couple rediscovers the meaning of worship in the middle of a family crisis. Read the Article.


Litany of Grace

God has promised to never leave nor forsake His children, a sign of His steadfast love. Read the Article.


Sign in the Sky

We’ve read the story countless times, but there’s always more to see in Christ’s birth. Read the Article.

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