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Magazine Articles

Feeding Bodies, Feeding Souls

A community garden nourishes a Brooklyn neighborhood in need. Read the Article.


Consider the Bees

God’s perfect design is everywhere we look—even a honeycomb. Read the Article.


Onward, Christian!

Troubles are guaranteed in this life. But God’s charge is always the same: Keep going! Read the Article.


With Eyes Wide Open

The world is filled with beautiful things that have a greater purpose than face value. Read the Article.


Known and Loved

Of all His creatures, God singled humanity out for a deep, personal relationship. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


Patient in Affliction

Despite enormous hardships, Christians in rural Armenia practice pure hospitality. Read the Article.


Love in Wrath

God will do anything to protect us—even from ourselves. Read the Article.


Esau and the Easy Path

Don’t throw in the towel when times get tough. Something greater could be waiting. Read the Article.


Thinking About the Trinity, Part Two

Continuing the series on why the triune God is important to our theology. Read the Article.


Born (Again) Losers

Whether great or small, all Christians experience some loss. Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — March 2014

Read the Article.


River of Life

The In Touch Messenger is carrying the Word of God deep into the Amazon. Read the Article.


Wounds as Windows

The Lord promises to transform us, but He never said it would be painless. Read the Article.


From This Good Earth

The soil beneath our feet is bursting with miracles. It’s time to dig in. Read the Article.


A Legacy of Love

What will you leave behind—mere words or something far greater? Read the Article.


Growing Together

As Christ’s ambassadors, we are called to walk in peace with others. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


Blessed Are Those Who Comfort

Jesus Christ never ceases to show compassion, and He expects us to do the same. Read the Article.


Partners in God's Kingdom

Whether single or married, we’re all one family in Christ. Read the Article.

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