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The Clearer Path

When we feel adrift, buffeted by the waves of life, the answer is a surprisingly simple one: Listen to God’s voice. Read the Article.


A Conversation with Ed Dobson

Read the Article.


Life Inside the Body

When it comes to staying healthy, there’s so much “the Body of Christ” can learn from the human form itself. Read the Article.


Discernment Matters

Poor choices, unsolvable problems, troubled relationships—a lack of discernment in today’s society produces a number of ills. Discover how Christ desires to fill this void, teaching his followers to recognize and respond to the voice of God. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Make the wisest decision possible—to follow Jesus. Read the Article.


Finding Our Way Home

A train-hopping drifter with a harsh past. A comfort-driven businessman afraid of the homeless. Their life-changing friendship was the last thing either expected. Read the Article.


Pentecost People

The church needs more than buildings or people to fulfill its mission. It needs the Holy Spirit’s power. Read the Article.


Faith in Works

If your deeds feel more like hard labor, find power and purpose through the Holy Spirit. Read the Article.


What Does “Heart” Mean?

Who are we in our innermost being? More than just the seat of our emotions, the heart is the starting point of salvation and renewal in Christ. Read the Article.


Close Enough to Hear

How childlike prayer can carry us through the darkest of doubts Read the Article.


In the Image of Christ

Why we need to rethink our stories about “the least of these.” Read the Article.


The Missing Persons Project: The Needy

Too often, strategies for serving the poor create an us-and-them division between helper and the person being helped. But there’s a better way—one that’s built upon friendship, hospitality, and mutual respect. In this special report, we look at how the church can reach those in need around us. Read the Article.


God of the Needy

Poverty is inescapable, even in the wealthiest of nations. But did you know it’s possible to be well off and still be poor in God’s eyes? Read the Article.


Bridges to Heaven

Religious art is sometimes considered a vestige of Christian history. But it’s still relevant today, and effective in enhancing the worship experience. Read the Article.


The Secret Self

Who are you when no one’s looking? God doesn’t expect you to never make a mistake, but He calls you to be your authentic self—and that means committing to integrity. Read the Article.


When You’re Afraid…Take a Walk

The world gives you many reasons to fear. But according to counselor Ed Welch, the question that matters most is where you’ll choose to turn when anxiety strikes. Read the Article.


Maybe vs. Is

How often do we choose a path of defeat—precisely because we’re trying to win our battles in a worldly way, rather than walk the path God has prepared for us? Read the Article.


The Missing Persons Project: Prisoners

While prisoners are largely seen a blight to society, Jesus clearly called His people to a different vision. In this special report, we investigate the profound impact the church can make. Read the Article.


Free for Life

Finding inner freedom begins with choosing to pledge your allegiance to the only One who can give you the abundant life and relationship you long for. Read the Article.


Of Convicts and Conviction

Prison chaplain Sidonie Hall never expected her ministry to be easy, but she almost walked away—until God used an inmate’s letter to remind her of the reason for her calling. Read the Article.

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