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Magazine Articles

Life Amid Our Circumstances

What does it mean to “grow where we’re planted”? Read the Article.


Two Willing Hands

Sometimes we forget that the simplest act of help can be an immense blessing to others. Read the Article.


Changing Lives Through Exercise

A look at the Atlanta Mission’s running programs Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


A Run for His Life

As a drug addict, Steve Cannon once ran from life’s responsibilities. Now he laces up to face life renewed. Read the Article.


The Longest Shortcut Imaginable

By slowing down to enjoy a moment we often find the best use of our time. Read the Article.


Rest for the Soul

Moments of rest don’t come when we “check out” but rather when we meditate on God. Read the Article.


‘The Gardener’ by Suzanne Underwood Rhodes

Can dealing with emptiness lead to new growth? Read the Article.



BY NEIL CARPATHIOS Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — July 2014

Read the Article.


How Do We Chase Joy?

Focusing on the source of true happiness—God Himself—is the only way we can live joyfully. Read the Article.


How a Christian Drunk Got Past Her Pride

She wanted freedom from alcoholism on her own terms. But God knew the best way to new life was through humility and sincerity. Read the Article.


The Call of Deep Water

In the vastness of the ocean, solace is found. Read the Article.


Anxiety Disorder; Major Depressive Disorder

BY LUKE HANKINS Read the Article.


Heart Language: Heaven

Our greatest hope is found where we’ll live forever with the Lord. Read the Article.


In Good Company

You were not created to walk alone. And if you want to become a better friend, learn from Jonathan. Read the Article.


Beyond Ourselves

Even when it’s inconvenient, God calls us to selflessly give of ourselves to others. Read the Article.


Know Your Place

We seem to have forgotten our need for one another, but with some effort, we can reclaim community. Read the Article.


Viewer Discussion Advised

As we enjoy summer blockbusters, it’s important to watch them with discernment—with an eye toward God’s truth and love. Read the Article.


In All Ways, In Small Ways

When it comes to blessing others, use what you’ve got—and watch what God can do with it. Read the Article.

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