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Do you know God?

Living the authentic life through Christ. Read the Article.


Taking Thoughts Captive

What the story of David and Goliath can teach us about winning battles of the mind. Read the Article.


Clean Enough

Although we might not always feel pure as we struggle in this world, Jesus' cleansing of our hearts is the greater truth about who we are. Read the Article.


Open Eyes, Full Hearts

Want healthier relationships? In part two of our interview with Dr. Tim Clinton, learn how loving others begins with knowing who God really is—and how He sees you. Read the Article.


What Does “Glory” Mean?

Christians often use this biblical word, but we don’t always recognize what it reveals about God—and the beauty of all He’s doing in our lives and the world around us. Read the Article.


Toward the Shore

The truth about why there’s no “us and them” when it comes to sinners who need a Savior. Read the Article.


The Challenge to Be Content

When life gets tough, giving in to self-pity can be a huge temptation. But circumstances don’t have to hold you back—God has a better way. Read the Article.


Do You See This Woman?

When a prostitute wanted to honor Jesus, He welcomed and honored her. But the religious folks of His time wanted to turn her away. Whose example are you following? Read the Article.


The Missing Persons Project: Widows & Orphans

The widow and orphan are always on God’s heart, but are they also on ours? In this special section, you’ll hear stories about the challenges both groups face—and how the body of Christ can help. Read the Article.


Guilty as Charged

What a trip to one of America’s most well-known prisons taught one woman about God, faith, and being human. Read the Article.


Truly Human (Again)

How Jesus healed the wounds marring our humanity and dignity as God’s image-bearers—and made it possible for us to become our true selves. Read the Article.


The Eye of the Storm

In a season of hardship, we may question God’s intentions. But sometimes His plans for deliverance are greater than our desire for relief. Read the Article.


When the Matatu Flips

Want to join God in the kingdom work He's doing right now around you? Sometimes, responding to His call will require you to move beyond what's convenient or comfortable. Read the Article.


The Wrong Kind of Love

Simply managing your unhealthy relationships isn’t good enough—what you need is a breakthrough. We asked counselor Dr. Tim Clinton how to stop the cycle of destructive patterns. Read the Article.


What is Hope?

The hope that the Bible speaks of is no empty wish or attempt at positive thinking. Who—not what—we put our hope in is what makes all the difference. Read the Article.


Father Loves

When we need correction, God’s first response isn’t to withhold Himself or smite us in anger—even though that’s often what we expect. Instead, He offers love without condition. Read the Article.


The Victory of Hope

Finding victory in Christ may not mean that our troubles go away, but it does mean we'll see them differently. Read the Article.


Do you know God?

A relationship with Jesus will change your life from the inside-out. Read the Article.


The Secret Revolutionary

After a nightmare childhood and years of harboring the desire for revenge, Medad Birungi learned what it means to be forgiven—and the life-changing power of choosing to forgive. Read the Article.


Orphan Justice: Finding What Fits

Not everyone is called to adopt—but, according to scripture—every believer is called to care for orphans. Johnny Carr, a former pastor who helps churches establish orphan care ministries, shares how the body of Christ can make a difference for the world’s vulnerable children. Read the Article.

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