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Magazine Articles

Eternal Family

Often relegated to the sidelines in church culture, singles have much perspective to offer. Read the Article.


Singleness and the Church

God is no respecter of persons—and that includes marital status. Read the Article.


He Knows My Story

Whether sorrowful or joyous, stories have the power to draw us closer to God. Read the Article.


A Father’s Table

Breaking bread together is no small thing. Read the Article.


To Be One Self

Though rarely talked about, mental illness is a topic worthy of discussion. Read the Article.


Am I Missing Out?

Though painful, God can use broken relationships to accomplish His purposes. Read the Article.


Radical Welcome

In the church of Jesus, there are no favorites—only friends. Read the Article.


From the Wreckage

Though broken instruments, we are made to love and be loved. Read the Article.


Heart Language: Hallelujah

Praise fit for none other than God above. Read the Article.


The Bible in One Year — February 2014

Read the Article.


Light in a Clouded Darkness

A look at mental illness and the church Read the Article.


Thinking About the Trinity

How does a full understanding of the Godhead impact our faith? Read the Article.


From Fallout to Hellfire

For effective evangelism, what we say matters far less than how we say it. Read the Article.


An Open Door to God’s Glory

In the eyes of the Lord, our weakness is simply an invitation to His greatness. Read the Article.


When We Forget Who We Are

Mistaking our true identity in Christ leads us down the wrong path. Read the Article.


Heart Language: Awesome

Around God is awesome majesty. Read the Article.


Made to Love

Self-love is often thought of in terms of pride, but Jesus calls us to a deeper meaning. Read the Article.


Do You Know God?

Read the Article.


The Holy Spirit and You

Self-reliance is guaranteed to bring about a fruitless life. What God has for us is so much more. Read the Article.


With Fear and Trembling

Working out our salvation has far less to do with our actions than our identity. Read the Article.

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