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Article Archive

A Bathroom Built on Sewage

Sadly, those who reject Christ place their faith in the wrong things—things that don’t hold up under pressure and have a damaging effect on their lives.
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Purpose Unrealized

God made your spiritual gifts for a purpose.
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Good and Perfect

God knows exactly what you need—and when you need it—to help you mature in Christ.
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Look Where You Want to Go

We can approach every hardship with confidence, knowing that our God can take us over, under, and through any obstacle that comes our way.
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The End of Winter

Baptism invites us to take part in a story of new life, like the first glimpses of green after a long winter.
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Sidewalk Prayers

When a stranger collapsed on the sidewalk, the Holy Spirit was clear: “Go and pray.”
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Ready for Anything

In order to survive dark times, it’s essential to build a spiritual storehouse now. 
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Not Good Enough

Feel like you’re fighting a losing battle? You’re not alone—and that’s a good thing.
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16 Qualities of a Growing Christian

How many of these traits can you say are characteristic of your life?
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Two Questions You Should Never Stop Asking

You can’t go wrong sticking to this simple Bible study format.
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