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Bringing the Word of God to people everywhere.

Even to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8)


At In Touch Ministries, our desire is to share the gospel with people everywhere, no matter where they live. The Messenger is a handheld, solar-powered audio device loaded with the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, as well as more than 65 of Dr. Stanley's sermons. Content is currently available in 14 languages—languages strategically chosen to make the greatest impact around the globe and to reach people without access to God’s Word or discipleship resources in their own language. With more than 500,000 Messengers distributed, we’re just getting started. We can’t wait to see where God takes the Messenger next.


As their hunger for His Word continues, the people in the small village of Delicias, Honduras, have big plans to grow their Christian community. Read his story…

Dominican Republic

A college student gains a new understanding of true wealth when he sees firsthand what the Messenger means to impoverished refugees and former drug addicts advancing God’s kingdom in the Dominican Republic. Read his story…



God has done amazing things with the Messenger project, bringing His Word to people who might otherwise never hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and we are so thankful for the thousands of faithful men and women who partner with us in this work.


Because the Word of God is being preached night and day through the Messenger, the Ticuna people, young and old, are coming to know the Lord. The Messenger is durable and requires no batteries, so a single device may get passed on from person to person and from village to village. There’s no telling how far the gospel will spread through just one Messenger.

At Home

Imagine hearing the life-giving promises of the gospel for the first time—not secondhand and not through an interpreter—but in your heart language. That’s the incredible gift provided by the In Touch Messenger.

Effort in the Region

Wilson Kannenberg flies his plane into remote stretches of the Amazon jungle to transport indigenous missionaries and provide live-saving medical rescue to men and women in need. Along the way, he offers In Touch Messengers with the gospel of Jesus Christ to the new friends he makes.

A Great Commission

Since the Messenger is a dual-language device, it’s an especially powerful tool for ministry in places where a common language may not be shared but the gospel needs to be.

Next Generation Evangelists

“How many times does a Messenger pass from one hand to another? How many people tell about the wonderful things God has taught them through this tool? And how many people, a generation later, might be saved as a result of someone who had a Messenger today?”

—Dr. Charles Stanley

In Their Own Words

Testimonies from lives changed around the world.


R (whose name is being withheld for protection) shared excitement about giving an Arabic player to an 18-year-old Muslim currently serving a jail sentence for theft. The young man has been faithfully listening to the player, and he’s said that he is open to the truth R has shared during his visits — and that he wants to embrace R’s faith.


“I gave a Messenger to a man who leads a ministry that works among the families in the brick kilns, where the Christians are virtually slaves to the Muslim owners. We are supporting 11 Sunday schools there and have set five families free. The head of this ministry is a real gospel-driven man who wants to see people converted and growing in Christ. May the Lord bless you.”


“The Christians in China send you greetings and gratitude for the large quantity of Messengers sent! These are such a blessing and will aid in ministering to the lost.”


“I look forward to being in heaven one day, and having people from around the world come up to me and say, "thank you," for donating for the Messengers, they brought me to Christ, and eternal life here in heaven.”


In KENYA, Pastor Joseph said “When I received the Messenger, I did a sermon on each of Dr. Stanley’s messages, and the church was blessed! I want to thank God because of these Messengers. I strongly believe they will be of great help to the church in Kenya, East Africa, and also to the whole world. May the Lord bless this ministry.”


partner with us

Thanks to your partnership, the Messenger has been distributed in more than 130 countries, and more than 500,000 devices have been put into the hands of people around the world—chaplains, missionaries, soldiers, and others with limited access to the truth of God’s Word—all free of charge.