2012 Annual Report

The Messenger

While In Touch's broadcast, web, and mobile platforms continue making their impact, it is important to ask how we can connect with those who have no access to the latest technology or even to electricity. What about those who live in regions of the world where literature or broadcast signals are blocked by oppressive regimes? The Messenger, a hand-held device powered by solar energy, provides groundbreaking opportunities for us to deliver Christian teaching in places that were previously inaccessible.

We're excited about using the Messenger to reach illiterate communities and cultures where copies of the Bible are sparse.

The Messenger requires no batteries or electricity and arrives loaded with both the entire New Testament and more than 60 of Dr. Stanley's sermons. Currently, the Messenger is available in 12 languages, including Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, and Russian. More languages are coming, with particular attention being paid to tribal languages and those of unreached people groups. A particularly exciting development is how the Messenger reaches illiterate communities and cultures where copies of the Bible are sparse.

Since 2007, 444,860 Messengers have reached 130 countries. We are thankful for stories of Ukrainian Gypsies, Sudanese villagers, and tribal peoples along the Amazon basin responding to the gospel and being discipled in their new faith. More than 300 Ugandan pastors have used the Messenger for Biblical training. A village of Nicaraguans received Christ and pleaded for baptism. Even U.S. troops—those stationed abroad and those being treated in V.A. hospitals—are finding nourishment in their faith through the Messenger. The Messenger provides a catalyst for gospel witness in an array of places we've been previously unable to reach.

Total number of Messengers distributed since 2007

Current languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Bengali
  • Indonesian
  • Portuguese
  • Low German

The number of countries in which we have distributed Messengers.

A few stories from the field


Israel / R (whose name is being withheld for protection) shared excitement about giving an Arabic player to an 18-year-old Muslim currently serving a jail sentence for theft. The young man has been faithfully listening to the player, and he’s said that he is open to the truth R has shared during his visits — and that he wants to embrace R’s faith.


United States / “I just received about 30 Messengers today, and I have already blessed two young paralyzed veterans in the spinal cord injury ward at the V.A. hospital with them. These are absolutely awesome. You should have seen the expression on the faces (and watery eyes) of the two vets I gave these to tonight—beyond words. In Touch Ministries will receive mighty spiritual blessings for providing such an amazing evangelistic tool!”


Dominican Republic / The first Messenger was given to one of our first converts in San José, named Ramon. Ramon is 100 years old and illiterate. After a century on this earth, Ramon was finally taken captive by the grace of God, and he surrendered his life to Christ. Early discipleship and Bible reading with Ramon was solely dependent on face-to-face teaching, making spiritual growth slow; however, because of his new Messenger, Ramon can now be found on a daily basis with his Messenger in his left shirt pocket listening to the Word and Dr. Stanley. He has learned how to navigate through the Messenger with no problems and has helped us to identify other older men who are hungry for the Word but illiterate.


Ukraine / Several Messengers were distributed in a church that consists mostly of Gypsies. Though many in the congregation have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, there is a high level of illiteracy — which has, in many ways, prevented church members from fully accepting God’s Word and beginning to live according to it. The Messengers provide a wonderful opportunity to encourage spiritual growth among people who cannot read.


China / “The Christians in China send you greetings and gratitude for the large quantity of Messengers sent! These are such a blessing and will aid in ministering to the lost.”


South Sudan / “The impact of the Messengers that you sent has been incredibly positive. The first went to a bishop from the mountains, and he said it was well translated into Arabic. The next night he started to hand others out, and people started to listen to them immediately. He is keeping two for a new Bible college he has asked me to help him start in a refugee camp where there are thousands of refugees.”


Pakistan / “I gave a Messenger to a man who leads a ministry that works among the families in the brick kilns, where the Christians are virtually slaves to the Muslim owners. We are supporting 11 Sunday schools there and have set five families free. The head of this ministry is a real gospel-driven man who wants to see people converted and growing in Christ.”

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Closing Prayer

Join Dr. Stanley in giving thanks to God and praying for our continuing work in 2013.

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