The original Messenger

The original Messenger requires no batteries or electricity and arrives loaded with the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and more than 60 of Dr. Stanley’s sermons. The Messenger is currently available in more than 15 languages, including Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, and Russian. Additional languages and new devices are coming as we expand the Messenger family. These innovations will allow us to reach even more communities around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn more about the In Touch Messenger Lab.

Sample the Messenger

Introduction from Dr. Charles Stanley
Because He Is Risen
The Prayer of Salvation

stories from the field

Faithfulness to the Great Commission means taking the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ absolutely everywhere.

  • United States

    "I just received about 30 Messengers today, and I have already blessed two young paralyzed veterans in the spinal cord injury ward at the V.A. hospital with them. These are absolutely awesome. You should have seen the expression on the faces (and watery eyes) of the two vets I gave these to tonight-beyond words. In Touch Ministries will receive might spiritual blessings for providing such an amazing evangelistic tool."

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    Messenger Lab
    Meet the Family

    Exciting Changes to the In Touch Messenger Project

  • South Sudan

    "The impact of the Messengers that you sent has been incredibly positive. The first went to a bishop from the mountains, and he said it was well translated into Arabic. The next night he started to hand others out, and people started to hand others out, and people started to listen to them immediately. He is keeping two for a new Bible college he has asked me to help him start in a refugee camp where there are thousands of refugees."

  • Pakistan

    “I gave a Messenger to a man who leads a ministry that works among the families in the brick kilns, where the Christians are virtually slaves to the Muslim owners. We are supporting 11 Sunday schools there and have set five families free. The head of this ministry is a real gospel-driven man who wants to see people converted and growing in Christ. May the Lord bless you.”

  • China

    “The Christians in China send you greetings and gratitude for the large quantity of Messengers sent! These are such a blessing and will aid in ministering to the lost.”