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More than Music

By Mandisa


So often we equate worship with music. But worship actually encompasses much more than notes and lyrics. To worship God is to love, revere, and honor Him.

As He says in Isaiah 29:13, He isn’t interested in “lip service.” Our Father isn’t concerned with the quality of our voices or even the polished words in our songs. He’s looking at our hearts.

Yes, our worship can happen on Sunday. But worship can occur in our living rooms or in the mall on a Wednesday afternoon. It can involve music that rivals the angels’ or no music at all. It can be exuberant with the lifting of hands, or reflective with the falling of tears.

In the end, how it looks doesn’t matter nearly so much as whom it is for. We become “true worshipers” when we center our thoughts and hearts to adore our Godin spirit and in truth.


Mandisa is a recording artist and worship leader whose most recent albums are What If We Were Real and the updated It's Christmas.

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  • May 01, 2013 07:56 AM


    The best simple description of true worship. Mandisa you are a true role model for those who desire be true worshipers.

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