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To Be a Living Sacrifice

By Kerrie Roberts

One of my favorite verses about worship is Romans 12:1, in which Paul defines our “spiritual service of worship” as the act of offering our bodies as a living sacrifices, “holy and pleasing to God” (NIV). I love this image of putting our very selves on the altar and letting our lives be the sweet incense that rises up to bless the heart of God.

Billy Graham simply and beautifully puts it like this: “The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service.” If the way we live is our act of worship, then it’s a “service” that is continually in motion, never stopping.

Of course, being a songwriter/artist, there’s a special place in my heart for worship through song; I love losing track of time and forgetting about everything else that might be happening in life as I sing praises. But it’s also so precious to worship the Lord by smiling at a stranger on the street, offering help wherever I can, seeking to be a peaceful part of someone’s day or a shoulder to cry on.

With every breath, we can offer our lives and hearts in submission to His love and omniscience. When our hearts want nothing more than to glorify and reflect the truth and life found in Christ, that inward desire naturally pours from us in outward expressions that bring Him joy.


Recording artist Kerrie Roberts is best known for her songs “No Matter What” and “Finally Home.” Her upcoming album is Time for the Show.

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  • December 28, 2012 06:54 AM


    up at 6am couldn't sleep lying there thinking days come and go and what have i done for God lately. seems the answer is always in my mind not near enough. i want and need to know that i am pleasing Him in my day to day services. yet i feel i do so very little. some days i feel i've done nothing at all. thank you for making your articles available to show me there are countless ways to be a blessing to others and Him

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