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Facing Life's Obstacles Part 1: Facing the Difficulties

(Radio 7/31/2006)

Charles F. Stanley

Scripture: Joshua 6:1-5

Supporting Scripture: Jeremiah 32:27; Isaiah 64:4; Joshua 5:1, 13-15; Joshua 1:2-9.

  • Everyone faces obstacles that seem insurmountable.
  • Every obstacle we face is subject to the power of God.
  • We become discouraged about obstacles for three primary reasons.
  • God is at work in our obstacles even when we're not aware of it.
  • God often requires some preparation on our part.
  • God will give us assurance of the removal of these obstacles.
  • God will give us very clear instruction.
  • What are the real reasons we refuse to do God's will?
  • God will remove every obstacle that hinders His will and plan for your life.

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