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Facing Life's Obstacles Part 2: Facing Our Failures

(Radio 9/4/2006)

Charles F. Stanley

Scripture: Joshua 7:1-10

Supporting Scripture: Joshua 1:3-8; Joshua 7:10-13.

  • We fail when we don't consult God for our plan.
  • Godly people with the right motivation will often fail.
  • The failure of one person can often bring harmful results to many people.
  • The counsel of others is never a wise substitute for God's counsel.
  • Past blessings do not guarantee tomorrow's blessings.
  • Daily meditation and prayer are essential in avoiding failure.
  • Principles for facing failure:
    • Never give God the blame for failure.
    • First look within rather than without.
    • Discover the will of God and correct your action.
    • Never reinterpret the will of God.
    • Prayer is not a substitute for action.
  • Failure is a time for faith rather than fear.

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