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Facing Our Fears

(Radio 6/19/2006)

Charles F. Stanley

Scripture: Is. 41:10-12

What is the reality of our fear? What does God say about it?  How does it fit in the life of a person who is not a Christian and how does it fit in the life of a believer?

Causes of fear:

  • Sin
  • Godly fear
    • Protective fear (Deuteronomy 10:12)
    • Fear of the Lord
  • Learned fears
  • Imagination – even if the fear is not based on reality, your body will react the same. 
  • Ignorance – (eternal security)
  • Doubt
  • A Poor self-image

Consequences of fear:

  • Stifles your productivity
  • Divides your mind
  • Destroys relationships
  • Hinder us financially

What's the cure for fear?

  • Acknowledge it
  • Identify the source of it
  • Focus on God
  • Exercise faith
  • Verbalize the truth

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