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Facing Our Loneliness, Part 1

Charles F. Stanley

Scripture: Psalm 25:12-18

I. Introduction: God created us to be intimately connected to Him and other people. Yet we often feel cut off from Him and those around us, unable to escape powerful feelings of isolation. What leads to a life of loneliness, and what devastation does it cause if left unchecked?

II. Loneliness in the Life of a Believer

  1. Loneliness is separation anxiety caused by feeling disconnected.

    • Loneliness is primarily a spiritual problem. It begins with feeling disconnected from God.
    • Solitude, on the other hand, is being alone by choice. We all need time alone to be re-energized and develop our intimate relationship with the Lord.
    • Where did loneliness begin? When Adam and Eve sinned, they lost perfect harmony with each other and God. When we choose to rebel against the Father, we separate ourselves from fellowship with Him.

  2. Where does the feeling of loneliness originate?

    • Losing a loved one
    • Undergoing divorce
    • Feeling condemned by God
    • Feeling unworthy or unwanted
    • Having no one with whom to share life
    • Experiencing isolation in childhood

  3. What are some roles that can cause people to feel lonely?

    • The president of a corporation
    • Retirees who no longer have a network of co-workers
    • Pastors
    • Missionaries

  4. What are the consequences of loneliness?

    • Moral: To get love or attention, lonely individuals will do things fulfilled people won't do.
    • Financial: They spend to fill the void in their lives.
    • Physical: They may eat to comfort themselves, thereby gaining weight. Or they may lack the energy typically derived from healthy interaction with others.
    • Relational: They feel so detached that they can't reach out to others.
    • Psychological: They may experience depression or lack creativity and productivity.

  5. What does loneliness drive people to do?

    • Drink
    • Abuse drugs
    • Divert their attention with television or the Internet
    • Have an affair
    • Commit suicide

III. Closing: What is the cure for loneliness? We will address that more in part 2, but it begins with being reconciled to God through His Son Jesus Christ. As you get right with Him through confession and place your trust in Him, the Lord will rescue you from loneliness.

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