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Faith's Fixed Focus

(Radio 7/20/2006)

Charles F. Stanley

Scripture: James 1:5-8

Most of us would probably have to admit that there are times when we waver and falter and find little flaws in our faith. James warns us about this, and today we will study both James and the Old Testament story of Joseph to learn about faith's fixed focus.

  • As a teenager, Joseph fixed his faith and attention on God.
    • Genesis 37:1-5, 13
  • Jealous brothers sold him into slavery
    • Kept his faith fixed on God
    • Faith sustained him
  • Purchased by Potiphar
    • Placed in charge of Potiphar's entire household
    • Genesis 39:1-3, 6
  • Falsely accused and put in prison
    • Genesis 39:7-10, 20-23
  • In prison for many years; interprets dreams of two prisoners
    • Genesis 40:7-19, 23
  • Interpreted Pharoah's dream
    • Genesis 41:14-16
  • Placed in command of all Egypt, directly under Pharoah
    • Genesis 41:39-40
  • God rewarded him for his faithfulness
    • Genesis 41:41-44
    • Public testimony before Pharaoh, power, position, prosperity, praise, and the privilege of saving his family.

If you are following God's will for your life, you are in God's place. If you have sinned against God and are suffering the consequences, you're still in God's place. God is in the process of doing something in your life.

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