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The Spirit of Antichrist

Sermon Outline 5-28-06

Key Passage 1 John 2:18-24


Supporting Scripture  1 John 4:1-6


I.          The Warning Against Antichrists


1.         The Playground of the antichrists.

2.         The Presence of the antichrists.

                3.         The meaning of the phrase: "the last hour."


II.         The Origin of Antichrists


                1.         In the world since the fall.  Gen. 3

                2.         Come from within the church.   1 John 2:19


III.        The False Teachings of Antichrist


1.         Presented in many forms and places.

2.         Goal for the antichrists.

3.         All about Jesus: deny, discredit, degrade, disgrace, dishonor.

4.         Denial of incarnation.

5.         Denial of His deity.

6.         Other means of salvation.

7.         Jesus not sinless.

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