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The War Against Christmas

Charles F. Stanley

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-20

Christmas is the happiest time of year for most people. But today, there is a war on Christmas. Many people want to remove Christ from the holiday and just wish us "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."


I. The History of the War


There has always been hatred, fear and animosity toward Jesus.

A. Herod tried to kill him. 

B. Once Christ began His ministry, religious leaders opposed Him.

C. It's not a war against a religion. It's a war against a Person.

D. The term "politically correct" came from the Communist Manifesto.


II. The Character of the War

A. Religious. People would like to eliminate or quiet the church.

B. Organized. Our society has celebrated Christmas for hundreds of years, now educators in public schools are told they can't mention Christmas.

C. Cloaked. Using the term "separation of church and state," people are seeking freedom from religion, instead of freedom of religion.


III. The Weapons of the War

A. Lawsuits

B. Ungodly judges


IV. The Campaign of the War

A. Eliminate the name of Christ.

B. Eliminate manger scenes.

C. Eliminate "Merry Christmas."


1. They want our money, but they don't want to acknowledge why we celebrate this time of year.

2. Compromise opens the door for more freedoms to be stolen from us. It begins small. But once you compromise, the next time it's easier. Dr. Stanley example: Raising children in today's society.

V. The Reasons for Compromise

A. Fear. Primarily, we fear rejection.

B. Avoid conflict. People don't want to get involved.

C. Easily intimidated. They believe sharing their faith, or even a Christmas greeting, is "pushing" their religion on someone else.

D. Don't want to mix religion with politics. But, as a child of God, you should mix your faith with everything.


VI. The Choices Believers Have

A. To support the war against Christmas

B. To remain silent and do nothing

C. To stand up and voice our opinions and decide to support the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.




This war is against God. It's zeroed in on His Son, and it's against everything that is holy and godly. Ask yourself, Which of these groups do I stand in? Support? Silence? Or, standing courageously and strongly for the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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