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Click to order "life principles to live by: volume 4"Life Principles to Live By

When Dr. Charles Stanley was a young man, he spent a week with his grandfather that changed his life forever. George Washington Stanley was a godly preacher, who loved the Lord wholeheartedly and served Him with passionate obedience and persistence. Though he did not have a formal education, he was tremendously wise and an eager student of the Bible. He gladly took the opportunity during the visit to teach his grandson Charles the great principles that God had revealed in His Word. The insights that Dr. Stanley gained that week have shaped his life ever since.

Dr. Stanley has lived by the godly, biblical principles he learned from his grandfather throughout his life. And he has taught them regularly during his more than 50 years of ministry so that others could become mature followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now he is teaching these thirty Life Principles in depth so that you can grow in your knowledge, service and love for the Savior.

View an entire list of Dr. Stanley's 30 Life Principles.

Would you like to know God better? Would you like to understand the promises and precepts in His Word so you can walk in the center of His will? Then embrace His principles and begin your journey to experiencing life at its very best.

Volume 1:

1. Our Intimacy with God

2. A Life of Obedience

3. The Dark Moments in Our Life

4. Fight Your Battles on Your Knees

5. Energized by His Presence

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Volume 2:

1. Our Anchor In Times of Storm

2. God’s Pathway of Brokenness

3. The Thrill of Trusting God

4. God Will Show You His Will

5. His Promise To Provide

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Volume 3:

1. The Key to Continued Peace

2. Listening to God - Walking with God

3. God Acts on Our Behalf

4. The Unreasonable Will of God

5. When Plans Turn to Ashes

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Volume 4:

1. Standing Tall and Strong Through Prayer

2. Victim or Victor?

3. The Principle of Sowing and Reaping

4. Holding Too Tightly

5. Overcoming Discouragement

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Volume 5:

1. Obedience Always Brings Blessing

2. You Can Never Outgive God

3. The Key to the Christian Life

4. Walking in the Holy Spirit

5. Adversity: Burden or Bridge

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Volume 6:

1. Passing on God's Blessings

2. Prayer: Our Time Saver

3. Together in the Christian Life

4. The Valley Experiences in our Life

5. Anticipating the Lord's Return

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