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How do I deal with my conscience? Should I heed its warnings?


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  • A Good Conscience, Part 2A
  • A Good Conscience, Part 2B


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God's Alarm System: Part 2

By Dr. Charles Stanley

God has designed an amazing warning system to help us avoid wrong choices. It’s called our conscience. Although we’re wise to heed what we “hear” from the conscience, there are some things is it not intended to do. Clearing up the confusion is essential to our success or failure as to how we respond to the conscience God has given us as a gift. (Continue reading God's Alarm System, Part 2.)


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  • March 11, 2012 12:04 PM


    I'm a spanish woman, my fist language is spanish, but I like a lot the Dr. Stanley'messages, because I can understand him very well, his message talk to me. I live in Fl.

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