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Article Archive

No More “Stuff” This Year

Watch out, kids. Your parents have gone “minimalist,” and they’re not coming back.
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We Are a Thankful People

Survival is precious and worth thanking God for every day, and especially at Thanksgiving—a hard won day of gratitude for our nation.
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In and Out

Looking for some practical ways to include your children in your faith? Think “in and out.”
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Book Excerpt: As He Is

There is absolutely nothing so wonderful as simply abiding in the presence of holy, almighty God.
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A Holiday Special: Pumpkin Gruyère Gratin Recipe

At a Thanksgiving meal, there’s the non-negotiable, and then there’s the opportunity to try something new.
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14 Reasons to Be Thankful for Salvation

Every day we have the opportunity to express our gratitude for God’s amazing gift of salvation.
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Illiteracy and the Word of God

The Word of God is a book. And if people can’t read it, how will they learn about God?
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Book Excerpt: Because He’s Given

Today, no matter how much you have, praise the Father for His provision.
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Driven by Conviction

Depending on who you ask, the Pilgrims were either champions of the faith or dangerous radicals.
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Food and Emptiness

Our lack of peace with ourselves, the emptiness we keep trying to fill or escape, can only be satisfied by the One who shaped us.
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