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Article Archive

Book Excerpt: Loving Your Enemies

Whether you are dealing with non-Christians or backslidden believers, the same is true—they need Jesus and they need you to reveal Him to them.
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An Appropriate Commemoration

The pattern of giving one’s first fruits is a thread that runs throughout Scripture, as it should in our everyday lives.
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“Let Me Check My Calendar” Woman

We want to feel ready for the Lord to show up in a big way, but the truth is we often don’t.
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Marriage Reconstruction

Don’t wait for the holidays to be over. Take a lesson from “Galloping Gertie,” and make sure your marriage isn’t headed for destruction today.
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Conditional Serenity

It’s easy to think about the favor of the Lord in terms of the things He gives us. But, in fact, it goes much deeper than provision alone.
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6 Essential Truths About Christ

If someone asked you, “Who is Jesus?” what would you say?
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Rest, Calm, and No Fighting

When Jesus ascended to heaven to be with His heavenly Father, He left us with a precious gift—His peace.
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Joyful Generosity

Those with the gift of giving need no external incentives, no pressure from fundraisers, nor public applause (Matt. 6:1). They give because Jesus gave.
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Deeper Still

The Christmas story, though it happened ages ago, still moves, speaks, and teaches today.
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Reviewing the Evidence

Does your life show evidence of obediently following God or of trying to live independent of Christ?
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