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Article Archive

A Mindset for Power

A sudden case of paralysis illustrates the importance of walking by faith.
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The First Injury

While pain and suffering are inevitable, a broken relationship is not.
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A Long Ride

The book of Revelation gives us promises that can strengthen our faith and help us “sit back and enjoy the ride.”
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Visiting Israel as a Pilgrim Instead of a Tourist

Israel is much more than an incredible tourist destination—it is a sacred place.
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Seize the Opportunity

What would you do with a God-given opportunity to do something great? Here’s what these people did.
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I Spy…

We notice and focus on the things to which we are attached.
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Never Lost

Everyday, something is lost, but thankfully, Christ gives his children treasures that cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed.
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A Plea: Pray for Wisdom

The Lord promises to give wisdom to those who ask for it. Are you praying for it?
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Moment-by-Moment Power

God intends for all of us to do our work in His power, in His energy, in His strength, and by His authority.
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In the Land of the Living

Depression isn’t just a darkness, but a distorted vision that can come from a variety of sources, and is no respecter of persons.
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