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Article Archive

Salvation for the Worst of All

While it may be more difficult for us to forgive, Christ’s offer of salvation is unwavering, regardless of the offenses.
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The Hike of Your Life

It is better to have God in the lead and to follow Him as our Lord than to consider Him a helping hand.
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An Accidental Resolution

Already lagging on fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions? Even a small step in the right direction can create a ripple effect for good.
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Book Excerpt: Fight the Darkness With the Light of God’s Word

You will spare yourself untold heartache if you realize the negative thoughts that dishearten you are the fiery darts of a spiritual attack and that you can stop them with Scripture.
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Own Up to It

When we refuse to take ownership of the gifts and talents the Creator has given us, we doubt His ability to use us for more.
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Book Excerpt: Understanding the Goal

God’s purpose is for you to know Him. And when your main objective is to relate to Him personally, intimately, with love and obedience, everything else will fall into place (Isa. 30:20–21).
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One Day We Will Sing Together

Jesus died for people from every tribe and tongue and people and nation (Rev. 5:9).
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Repentance is not merely feeling remorse or guilt but changing direction.
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Full of Joy

Jesus wants His joy in you, and He wants it to be full, complete, whole. Knowing this truth could radically change the way you approach your priorities.
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Settle the Score

Is there someone against whom you are holding a grudge? One of the best things we can do to start the year on the right foot is to forgive them.
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