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How can I find courage in the face of challenges?

By Dr. Charles Stanley

1 Samuel 17:12-54

Any time God requires us to face trials and tribulations, He always provides the courage to meet the demand. David was a man of great courage—not merely human courage, but courage rooted in the sovereignty of God.

In 1 Samuel 17, we see God’s supernatural strength in action in the life of David. Defeat is never a viable option for the person of courage. As David faced Goliath, he never considered defeat an option. People of courage refuse to look for ways of escape. They set their gaze on advancement and victory. Never go into battle entertaining thoughts of defeat; you will lose every time. Men and women of courage know their success lies with our unshakable God.

Courageous people recall past victories and God’s faithfulness. At times David had faced enemies just as vicious as Goliath. In the moments before the battle, David recalled how God had strengthened him in the past to kill both a lion and a bear. He expected the same sort of help to strengthen him against Goliath.

Courage is a result of having the right attitude. David realized he could not win in his own strength. He knew God had to be with him or he would suffer defeat.

Courageous people look to God and trust His guidance. David’s brothers mocked him. Saul doubted him. Goliath made fun of him. But their negative talk did not affect David. Every time God calls you to follow Him, expect opposition, even from surprising sources.

Genuine courage is not chilled by inner fears or outward difficulties. The person of courage isn’t interested in those who refuse to believe God. Take time to study God’s Word and apply His principles to your life. You can always face your enemies head on when you stand on the promises of God’s Word.

A courageous person applies resources at hand in creative ways. David chose five smooth stones and a slingshot as his weapons instead of the bulky armor of Saul. He faced Goliath clothed in the strong faith of the living God. And mere men cannot penetrate or defeat God-centered faith!

A person with the attribute of courage confronts an opponent with confidence that God will ultimately give him success if he obeys Him. When we face life’s trials as David did, by faith, we become men and women of courage—and the victory is always ours.

Adapted from "The Charles F. Stanley’s Life Principles Bible," 2008.


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