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The Eternal Love of God: How You Can Know God Cares for You

By Dr. Charles Stanley

Love is a distinguishing mark of Christians and something the Lord commanded us to do (John 13:34-35). Jesus said we should love others as God loves us—selflessly, sacrificially, with understanding and forgiveness. But how can we love others if we’re unsure of His love for us personally?

When we refer to “God's love,” we're talking about the unselfish giving of Himself to us, which brings about blessing in our lives--no matter how unlovable we might be. That says something about the Lord’s character. His love is not just an emotion, decision, or action but who He is (1 John 4:8).

How can we know for certain that God loves us?

1. He created the world for us.

One of the reasons I enjoy traveling out west is because I can go into the wilderness where I don't see anything but what God created. He gave us oceans and beaches, mountains and snow, sunrises and sunsets, full moons and new moons, beautiful plants and animals.

Consider what an awesome sight this world was right after God created it, untainted by man. We tend to forget how majestic His the earth really is, especially when houses, big buildings, cars, and pollution surround us at every turn. Sometimes spending a little time in nature is all we need to remind us of the Lord’s affection.

2. He chose us.

Jesus prayed: "Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, be with Me where I am, so that they may see My glory which You have given Me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world” (John 17:24). Scripture also teaches that God loved us before He ever created the earth (Eph. 1:4-5).

3. He died for us.

Romans 5:8 says, “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” On the cross, Jesus emptied Himself for our sake, pouring out His love so that we might be saved. He loved us then, and He loves us today—regardless of all our mistakes, sins, or struggles.

4. He cares for us.

God continually watches over us, providing our needs. He protects and guides us, and answers our prayers. The Lord may not always work in the time frame we expect, but if we’re faithful to wait on Him, He will always come through for us according to His will. The best way to learn about God’s deep concern for His children is to spend time reading Scripture and meditating on it through prayerful interaction with Him. If we devote ourselves to the Lord, we will discover that He is always caring toward us.

His Promise

God promises that He will love us unconditionally—and won’t ever leave or forsake us (Heb. 13:5). If God loved us only sometimes but not all the time, that would mean His character, feelings, or attitude is changeable. But our Lord never changes.

Neither is His love contingent upon us. Whether or not we go to church, tithe, witness, pray enough, and never sin, God’s affection is always the same. You can't do anything to deserve it, and you can't do anything to keep Him from loving you.

The apostle John tells us that “God is love” (1 John 4:8). This may be a difficult truth for our human minds to grasp. But love is the Lord’s very essence, and He is the source from which all true love flows. There are no restrictions, no limitations, and no exceptions. God’s care for us is absolute and genuine, and through creation, He has unmistakably declared that love (Rom. 1:20).  But in His most powerful proclamation of all, He sent His Son to die for us, so that we could enjoy His loving presence for all eternity.

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  • July 20, 2012 07:48 AM


    I love the lord
  • April 12, 2012 12:09 PM

    by larosamarymae

    Thank you Dr. Stanley. I read your teachings almost daily. I Thank God for his agape love. He's unfailing love. I don't know what I would do without Him. Thank you Lord for saving me.
  • February 25, 2011 10:37 AM

    by aslanskid

    How much does He love you? So much that the answer was NO when Jesus prayed "If there is any other way, let this cup pass from Me." There was no other way. The answer was in essense - 'We must move forward because I must have (insert your name) with me for all of eternity'. YOU were more important than the life of His only Son. And to Jesus you were so important He finished that plea with "Nevertheless, not as I will but as You will." He was the willing sacrifice for you. (Heb. 12:2) If that is not love - I don't know what could be! You think you've committed a sin that can't be forgiven? Don't fool yourself. The blood of the eternal God become man, is more than big enough to cover your blunders. He bought you with a price so He could set you free. Free from sin. Remember NOTHING can seperate you from the love of God! (Romans 8:38-39) You are loved more than you can ever imagine. Honor God by trusting in His love.
  • February 18, 2011 09:03 AM


    a lot of people are seeking for love,yet they hard to find it ..its because God is the only one who can give the unconditional love they ever wanted.....I love you Lord..
  • February 18, 2011 08:53 AM


    You know, God being God, I think He responds to all six expressions of love; acceptance, "touching", quality time(Really big because it is better for us than for Him.), gifts, words of encouragement(praise and worship), acts of help/service(missions and acts of kindness toward our fellow man). We can not loose with our love directed toward Him, seeking to please Him, and seeing Him in others. Very humbling. In our own strength we can do nothing. Even in love, He is our source. So when we truly love we love from the mysteries of Heaven and our expectations are from the heart of God. The world can not understand this but, the heart sold out to God knows unconditional love. Continue in LOVE. tah/Houston,Texas
  • February 17, 2011 08:46 PM


    Your radio message was inspiring and uplifting. To have Unconditional LOve is the greatest gift to receive.
  • February 15, 2011 09:38 PM


    Yes that is so awesome,
  • February 15, 2011 07:05 AM

    by LoveLife11

    I have always wanted to know what Love meant and was about....But now that I am a follower of Jesus Christ I know what it is now....I have finally found my peace in him and his love for me words can not explain...Thank you Lord for dying on the cross for my sins and showing your love for human kind.....

  • February 14, 2011 09:40 PM


    this is awsome!!!!!!!!!:) O:
  • February 14, 2011 09:00 PM


    Greetings,I think the most important aspect of Jesus coming to earth was to share His divinity with us that believe in Him .thereby we share our humanity .Thus we are the true witness of Him here on earth.
    Peace & Love
    Rev Owen
  • February 14, 2011 10:51 AM


    We are commanded to love unconditionally, and we have a person of the Holy Spirit inside of us to love the unlovable. We spent time with God daily to enjoy His love for us. He has already loved us eternally, but in order to experience His love in a deeper, intimate way, we spend time with Him.
    In our world that we live in today, people determine that others do or don't love them a far off, even without knowing them, spent time with them, or even trying to know them. This is very challenging for a godly mind to comprehend. How do I come to a conclusion that people don't love me if I don't know them or have never met them or be friend them?
    May God help us to find a way of knowing people and befriend them before we pass any judgement on them that they don't have what it takes to love other people.
    If the Bible tells us to love our enemies, how much more our friends.
  • February 14, 2011 10:46 AM


    I c Him N U.
  • February 14, 2011 08:44 AM


    Love like this leaves me speechless. Glory to God!
  • February 13, 2011 11:22 PM


    Powerful message today. Wonderful.
  • February 13, 2011 07:36 PM


    This was an amazing sermon. I was really struggling with being unforgiving and disliked myself for it. After watching the sermon I was totally able to forgive the person who hurt me deeply and got my joy back as a result.
  • February 12, 2011 11:02 AM


    how beautifully pastor stanley has described God's love!
  • February 12, 2011 02:24 AM


  • February 11, 2011 08:40 PM


    Thank God for His unconditional love for us- His children. His love gives us a sense of security that is unexplainable. The world does not and can not offer it to us, so we know that it's unique.
    God longs for us to grow in receiving His love so that we are capable of giving the same to others.
    May we continue to grow in receiving His love and spreading His love to humanity.
    God is and will always be LOVE.
  • February 11, 2011 08:28 PM


    I love this! Thank you Dr. Stanley
  • February 11, 2011 08:19 PM


    Your love will last forever! to you oh Lord Iam saved. Amen!<3
  • February 11, 2011 07:10 PM


    this is a true fact

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