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Eternal Rewards

By Dr. Charles Stanley

As believers in Christ, we know we can't earn our salvation. The Cross gave us eternity with Christ—as a free gift! But do our good works count toward heavenly rewards? Or is everyone equally rewarded on the merits of Jesus' sacrifice? Find out through this Bible study.

1. Will we be rewarded for the sacrifices we make while on earth?

  • Before you begin, write down your thoughts. Do you believe God will reward believers for the sacrifices they made on Earth, or will we all experience Heaven the same way?
  • Look up Matthew 19:27-30 and summarize what Jesus said about rewards.
  • How did the master evaluate the work of his slave in Matthew 25:22-23?

How did the master reward the faithful servant?

2. What are some actions or attitudes God rewards?

Look up each passage and write the thing(s) for which God will reward us.

Our motivation for obeying is also important.

  • According to Matthew 6:1-6 and Matthew 6:16-18, what requirement is essential for earning eternal rewards for serving God?
  • If we don't meet this requirement, when will we receive our reward for our service? (Matthew 6:1-6)

3. How does all this apply to you?

  • In terms of your spiritual service, do you speak too often about things God would have you keep between you and Him? If so, why?

Ask the Lord if you are too open about your devotional life, your giving, or your service for Him.

  • Many times, the things we do for the Lord go unnoticed by people. But that doesn't mean God won't reward you.

What sacrifices have you made in secret for which you believe the Lord will reward you, either on Earth or in Eternity? (Note: You can think beyond the ideas listed in section two.)


There may be times when God prompts you to share a personal sacrifice or story of service that you would otherwise keep private. Why would He have you communicate about your experience? Testimonies of our Father's faithfulness, if offered out of the right motives, can glorify Him and encourage other believers.

In general, though, be careful how much you tell others about your good deeds. Remember, the Lord sees all you do, even if no one else does. He will be faithful to reward you for every sacrifice and righteous act—if not here on Earth, then in Heaven.


Father, thank You that You promise to reward us, even when our sacrifices are unseen by anyone except for You. Give us an eternal perspective, that we may serve You faithfully and receive all the rewards You desire to give us. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

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  • April 30, 2011 12:22 PM


    very nice.. very inspiring, thank you Pastor Stanley for this wonderful bible study! God bless you and your ministry!

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