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Bible Studies

Can God Forgive My Sin?

Talking about grace isn't enough. We must live by grace. Our sovereign, holy, righteous God has seen fit to declare us not guilty. We are free! Read more.

Civic Responsibility

What responsibilities do Christians have when they see their country heading in an ungodly direction? Read more.

Community in the Body of Christ

We all know the benefits of regular church attendance––hearing the Word of God and joining in corporate worship are two of the most important ones. But many believers avoid getting involved beyond Sunday mornings. Read more.

Confidence in the Lord

Looking to other people for affirmation is natural. We want them to believe in us and accept us. However, God desires that we place our ultimate hope in Him and His perspective. In this study, we'll examine the confidence David had as a young man, even when those around him weren't supportive. Read more.

Conquering Slothfulness

What's the root of slothfulness in a person's life? The answer may not be what you think. Read more.

Controlling Sinful Appetites

Most of our appetites, in their purest forms, are God-given. The problem arises when we allow them to usurp His rightful place on the throne of our hearts. Read more.


Strong biblical convictions are essential for everyone who wants to lead a godly life. On many topics, God has given specific instructions through His Word. But what does the Bible call us to do when our personal beliefs clash with those of other Christians? Read more.

Coping with Unanswered Prayer

Are you waiting for God to answer a prayer right now? Does it seem like it's taking a long time to receive the answer? Or, did you pray about something that God never answered at all? In this study, learn more about how the Lord works through unanswered prayer. Read more.


In difficult times, do you automatically turn to God? An open heart to the Father is a foundational step in gaining strength and freedom during deep disappointments. Read more.

Discovering Your Identity in Christ

Who are you? Trying to define yourself by possessions, accomplishments, or the way others perceive you often leads to disappointment. We were designed to live as God’s children, finding our ultimate fulfillment and contentment in His will for our lives. Let’s discover more about who we are in Christ. Read more.

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