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Bible Studies

Drawing Near to God

God designed you to fellowship with Him. And as we draw near to Him, the Father has the opportunity to reveal who He is and what He desires for us. How, then, should we draw near to the Lord? Read more.

Encouraging Yourself

King David knew how to overcome feelings of discouragement. Even in the face of tragedy, he “encouraged himself in the LORD his God” (1 Sam. 30:6 KJV). He had learned how to put his hope in God in the midst of adversity. Read more.

Energized by His Power

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life or unable to cope with its challenges? If so, that fact won't disappoint God or disqualify you from serving Him. God views our weakness as an opportunity to display His power. Read more.

Escape the Guilt Trap

How often do you commit a sin, and then fail to find a way to move past the regret and shame you feel? Most people wrestle with guilt from time to time. But you can find freedom today. Read more.

Eternal Rewards

Many times, the things we do for the Lord go unnoticed by people, but that doesn't mean God won't reward you. So do all our good works count toward heavenly rewards? Or is everyone equally rewarded on the merits of Jesus' sacrifice? Find out through this Bible study. Read more.

Experiencing Divine Comfort

When the world around us seems unstable or filled with evil, how do we cope? Through the Spirit of God, we can have confidence that's unshaken by circumstances. In this study, you'll learn how to identify the Lord's reassuring presence in changing times. Read more.

Experiencing God’s Love

Do you want to experience a greater degree of God's love? Then follow David's example and learn to live a God-honoring life. Read more.

Experiencing God's Faithfulness

What is the secret to enjoying the Lord’s best for your life? Whole-hearted obedience. Let’s study the story of Abraham to explore the rewards of following God’s voice and the consequences of disobedience. Read more.

Expressing Gratitude

Why should we thank God? The primary reason is because it's a vital part of honoring Him. Psalm 50:23 says, "He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me." In contrast, the spiritually rebellious people described in Romans 1:21 acknowledged God's existence but refused to thank Him. In this study, you will examine why Biblical characters offered thanks to God. Also, you will have an opportunity to do the same yourself. Read more.

Faith and Obedience

How can believers demonstrate faith in God? Through obedience. Abraham proved his trust in the Lord by his willingness to follow the Lord's commands, no matter how difficult they were. In this study, we'll examine the story of Abraham and the command to sacrifice Isaac. Read more.

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