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Bible Studies

Intimacy With the Father

Do you know who God is? Do you know something specific about His nature that goes beyond what you have learned while sitting in church or having conversations with friends? Read more.

Jesus: The Seeking Savior

How can we guard against becoming lukewarm believers? Read more.

Learning to Let Go

Our heavenly Father graciously showers blessings on us. Read more.

Learning to Let Go

The Lord sometimes has to strip away the good things He’s given in order to receive our full attention. The Life Principle here is that anything you hold too tightly, you will lose (Life Principle #19). Read more.

Learning to Trust God

Every challenge presents an opportunity for the Father to display His faithfulness and love. Instead of yielding to thoughts of fear and failure, make a commitment to trust Him, even when you don't know what tomorrow will bring. Read more.

Lessons from the Nativity

God hasn't changed. His desire for intimate relationships with believers remains the same. Read more.

Living By Conviction

The heroes of the Bible led courageous and righteous lives. How can we do the same? Find out in this study. Read more.

Living by Grace

If God’s acceptance isn't dependent on our behavior, does that mean we're free to live as we please? Find out in this study. Read more.

Maintaining Hope

Maintaining Hope Bible Study: Have you ever felt ignored by God? Discover the apostle Paul's teaching on having hope in the midst of adversity. Read more.

Making Wise Decisions

Modern life is filled with choices. What career, ministries, and hobbies will you pursue? Thankfully, God’s Word provides guidance on how to know His will. Here are four valuable sources for making wise decisions. Read more.

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