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Bible Studies

The Real Jesus: Above All Others

Who is Jesus? In this study, we'll examine what the Bible says about Christ. Read more.

The Stages of Faith Perfected

Developing a faith that is rock solid takes time, but it is attainable. Once we get past the restless faith stage, we begin to develop great faith—a faith that begins to focus more on God and not our circumstances. Read more.

The Unreasonable Will of God

God does not require us to understand His will, just obey it, even if it seems unreasonable (Life Principle #5). Read more.

The Way to Holiness

As believers, we understand that we are saved by grace. However, we sometimes forget that sanctification, the process of becoming more like Christ, is also by grace. Read more.

Treasures of the Heart

As Christians, we should treasure relationships more than we do our possessions, talents, occupation, popularity, or position in life. Read more.

Two Judgments

What's the difference between the judgment seat of Christ and the white throne of judgment? How will Christians be judged? Read more.

Unanswered Prayer

In the story of Lazarus' resurrection, we learn how God uses unanswered prayer for eternal purposes. Read more.

Unwrapping the Gift of Salvation

Some people think salvation is merely a ticket to heaven, but it’s so much more. Learn how to encounter the riches of life in Christ with this study. Read more.

Unwrapping the Gift of Salvation

Some people receive Jesus as Savior but then view salvation as nothing more than a ticket to heaven. Unfortunately, they never discover the spiritual blessings God has for us, His people, to enjoy here on earth. One of the best ways to explore the gift of salvation is to study the Bible. So how should we approach reading Scripture? Read more.

Wait on the Lord

Most people don't like to wait. However, we learn some of life's greatest lessons through delayed gratification. The Lord promises to reward those who submit to His timing. Read more.

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