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How to Love Your Mother

Charles F. Stanley

Scripture: John 19:25-27

I. Introduction: It is one thing to say you love your mother. But it’s another to honor and care for her. Even as He hung on the cross, Jesus was concerned about His mother and made provision for her care (John 19:26-27). Are you treating your mom with the same kind of love and respect? Even if she lives far away or is no longer alive, your lifestyle and how you talk about your mother clearly reveal your attitude toward her.

II. Ten Ways To Love Our Mothers

A. Verbally. If possible, tell Mom every day that you care for her. Express your admiration for her best qualities. If you must confront her about something, do it gently with love and respect. Exodus 20:12 says, “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged.”

B. Affectionately. Your mother was the first one to hold and cradle you. Reciprocate that affection by embracing her often.

C. Patiently. Nobody is perfect, but if there’s one person who merits our tolerance and understanding, it’s Mother. We must remember that she labors under a huge responsibility. Instead of complaining, we should pray for her often.

D. Gratefully. Regardless of the way she raised you, your mom gave you life and likely did the best she knew how. In fact, if you knew all the circumstances that influenced her style of parenting, you might be surprised at how well she managed. Therefore, look for ways to express your gratitude for all she has done.

E. Generously. Have you considered what you can do to make her life easier? Give your mom whatever she needs, lovingly and sacrificially. It displeases the Lord when a believer accumulates wealth but leaves his parents in poverty.

F. Tenderly. Be open and sensitive to her emotions. In general, moms give an incredible amount, and all they usually want in return is to be appreciated and heard. Remember that you will not always be able to enjoy her presence.

G. Forgivingly. The truth is, there’s never a legitimate reason to hold a grudge against your mom (Eph. 4:32). If you ever begin to feel angry over some past hurt, remember how many times both she and God have forgiven you. Think about all the sacrifices she has made for you, and show her forgiveness and compassion.

H. Devotedly. No matter what happens, your mother needs to know she has your support. So defend, protect, and comfort her. Pray with her and for her. Make sure Mom knows that you are there for her, regardless of what may come.

I. Cheerfully. Many times, we take our troubles to our mothers but forget to bring our joys and successes to them as well. Our moms need encouragement—to know we are doing well. So we should try to stay positive, make them laugh, and remember all the good times we’ve had together.

J. Honorably. Do you live in such a way that your mom is proud of you? Nothing honors your mother so much as seeing you and your children as godly believers, fully devoted to Jesus Christ. Show her that the seeds of love she has planted in you have resulted in a wonderful harvest for the kingdom of God.

III. Conclusion: Mothers are a precious gift to their families, and the value of a godly mother is beyond measure. So love your mom verbally, affectionately, patiently, gratefully, generously, tenderly, forgivingly, devotedly, cheerfully, and honorably. Start today. Whether she lives close to you or has gone on to be with the Lord, celebrate her life by how you live.

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