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The Life Principles Conference in Cuba

By In Touch Magazine staff
  • July 15, 2017

Since its inception, the mission of In Touch Ministries has had a specific focus—to lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and to strengthen the local church. Yet in several places around the world, pastors have great zeal, but little training. To that end, In Touch has created the Life Principles Conference, with curriculum designed to encourage, edify, and equip ministers to carry out the Great Commission.

For nearly 60 years, icy relations between the United States and Cuba have left the latter mostly isolated from the rest of the Western world. Churches in Cuba have flourished despite the isolation, but access to quality teaching resources has been limited. With the lifting of a long-standing travel ban, a team from In Touch decided to take the Life Principles Conference there to encourage and bless our spiritual brothers and sisters.

Groups of men and women received teaching on topics like intimacy with God, prayer, and dealing with adversity. José “Chema” Reinoso, one of the men’s instructors, touched on family life, encouraging the pastors to remember that ministry starts with their families. Jennifer Rosania, the women’s teacher, reminded them that we are united in the Body of Christ, regardless of governmental barriers. “We have a bond stronger than blood,” she said. “I’m not just your teacher; I’m your sister.”

In Touch remains committed to working with believers across the globe, including in places like Cuba, where God is opening doors long considered shut. For more of the story, check out our "Report from Cuba."

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