Healing for the Wounded

To injured Congolese soldiers, the Messenger brings hope in a dire situation.

For Don and Jenya Foster, missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the possibility of death is a daily reality. Since October 2014, more than 700 people—including personal friends—have been killed at the hands of militants in eastern Congo, where the Fosters live. They regularly hear gunfire in the fighting between the government and the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a rebel Muslim group from neighboring Uganda. The Ugandan government labels the ADF a terrorist organization, and both its troops and those of Congo continuously fight against the militants.

But in the course of the fighting, Don has made connections with Congolese hospitals, where he is able to distribute Messengers to injured soldiers. Though he and Jenya are in the DRC primarily to minister to the Mbuti Pygmies, a people group that has been historically mistreated, Don can’t pass up the opportunity to help these men. The soldiers have a lot of down time on their hands as they recover. And with the Messenger, Don has found a way to fill that time—listening to the Word of God. It’s his hope that these men, some of whom have lost appendages or their eyesight, can hear the gospel, find salvation in Jesus, and be discipled through the teachings of Dr. Stanley. Even one Messenger draws the attention of fellow wounded soldiers, who will gather around to listen. And as their bodies recover, these men get the chance to experience a transformed life in Jesus.

Messenger - Congo
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