Hello, this is Charlie!
Scroll down to see how he applies the lessons he’s learned from Every Day with Jesus, Dr. Stanley’s first devotional for kids, in this interactive story.

At the end, you can download an excerpt of Every Day with Jesus, or order your own copy of the devotional to share with the little “Charlie” in your life!

Today with Jesus ...
Trust Him to show you
Which way to go.
(from the devotion for January 9, pg. 7)

YAAAWWWNNN …..! Charlie wakes up knowing that God loves him with a great BIG love. He also knows that any day can be awesome when he trusts God to lead the way.

Sun, moon, stars, plants, and animals … they’re all part of God’s beautiful creation, His masterpiece! He’s the Creator—and Charlie knows God created him to be creative, too.

Today with Jesus ...
Discover who He created you to be.
(from the devotion for October 15, pg. 302)

Look! These lost pets need help. Who can save them?

Charlie knows that God rewards the kindhearted. There’s plenty of room in his balloon for his new friends.

Today with Jesus ...
Plant a seed of kindness.
(from the devotion for April 18, pg. 113)

Oh no! An evil dragon! Charlie knows he can defend himself with the armor of God. With his shield of faith and sword of the Spirit in hand, he can defeat his greatest enemy.

Today with Jesus ...
Be bold.
(from the devotion for
December 29, pg. 380)

BOOM! CRASH! A storm is coming! Charlie holds on tight. He knows that God is bigger than any storm. He will keep him safe.

Today with Jesus ...
Trust Him in every storm.
(from the devotion for December 15, pg. 366)

Home at last! Charlie thanks God
for helping him make good
choices and for watching out for
him throughout his exciting,
adventurous day!

Charlie knows …
God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
Romans 8:28 (NLT)

(from the devotion for January 13, pg. 14)