God's word in your own handwriting

God uses His Word to teach and inspire us, but in the busyness of daily life, it’s easy to lose track of what He says. That’s why we’ve got to write it down. With The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Journal, you can build a written record of your spiritual journey, and a timeless reminder of how God’s truth has transformed you.

Let God Guide You

You can use this journal in many different ways: as a place to record what God shares with you as you study His Word, an opportunity to consider the events in your life from a biblical perspective, a means to treasure special insights you receive during quiet time with the Lord—use your imagination and let the Holy Spirit guide you.


Beautiful artwork of Dr. Charles Stanley's 30 Life Principles
Scripture verses on every page
Plenty of lined pages for writing
Reflection questions
A Prayer Requests section to record petitions and answers
A Scripture guide of God's Promises

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