All Things to All People

Fanning the flames of revival in Cameroon

It takes no more than a few minutes with Julius Esunge to find out that he is much more than an associate professor of mathematics at the University of Mary Washington. His accent betrays his Cameroonian roots, and his warm smile, his kind heart. Add to that his focused determination and his love for Jesus, and you’ll soon discover that Julius is something of a hero on mission for Christ.  

 Messenger - Cameroon

Though his family now lives in Virginia, Julius has an ongoing ministry in his homeland. And when he can take time away from his teaching post, Julius brings his wife and children back to Cameroon so he can minister in person.

Though the small nation of Cameroon is home to more than 250 unique ethnic groups, Julius’ desire is to welcome every person into the family of God. And he’s using In Touch resources—the Messenger, the Micro, and the Key—to do it.

Each Messenger Lab device contains the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, plus dozens of messages from Dr. Charles Stanley.

  • Messenger: In Touch’s original solar-powered audio player.
  • Micro: an SD card that turns most phones or tablets into a discipleship companion
  • Key: a USB device that brings the Word of God to any computer]

“I have been so impacted, so mentored, so encouraged by Dr. Stanley,” says Julius. “His teaching is very practical with a view to moving people from point A to point B.” And that is at the heart of Julius’ ministry: to move people closer to Jesus Christ.


A Message for Everyone

Julius doesn’t limit his ministry to a certain group of people, a particular demographic to which he feels called. Instead, he has his eyes set on the entire nation. “Cameroon will be reached for Christ,” he says. And for as long as he’s been following Jesus, Julius has let his Savior’s own ministry be His guide. Since Jesus sacrificed his life for people from every realm of society, Julius knows no other way than to become “all things to all people” (1 Cor. 9:22 NIV).

Jesus healed the sick, so Julius established the aptly named Hope Center as a haven of medical healing and spiritual renewal. It’s not uncommon to find Julius sitting at the end of a hospital bed, encouraging a man or woman fighting malaria.

Messenger - Cameroon

The Lord welcomed little children, so Julius invites the poorest of the poor to attend Hope Academy, a school he built to make disciples as well as students. His desire is for these children to someday change Cameroon for the next generation.

Jesus multiplied his ministry through others, so Julius established a discipleship-training program, where young people are taught to share their faith in every sphere of life. It’s another way for Julius’ own evangelistic fire to light a spark across the nation.

The Son of God even celebrated new marriages, so Julius makes time at Buea City Hall to preside over weddings and share the gospel with all who attend. Every couple leaves with a bundle of gospel resources, including In Touch materials, in the hope that their special day will mark another kind of turning point in their lives.

A Mission for Everyone

Wherever he goes, Julius has In Touch Messenger Lab devices in hand so that long after he has moved on to the next person in need, the gospel is still being proclaimed. And Julius’ love for Cameroon has opened doors to the offices of the nation’s most influential leaders. To these, he offers his friendship and the In Touch Messenger, knowing that all people, rich and poor alike, are loved by our heavenly Father.

There are others—just like Julius—working to fulfill the same Great Commission in their corner of the world. And we at In Touch Ministries want to play our part in supporting them. Won’t you join us?


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