9 Questions to Help You Evaluate Your Thoughts

Training Our Minds to Make Sense of What We Think

By Linda Canup
  • January 12, 2015

What are you thinking about? Where was your mind, just now, when you happened upon this post? Were your thoughts honorable and edifying of yourself and others? Or could they have used a little redirection and refocusing?

Many of us probably don’t take the time to think about our thoughts. I know, it sounds a bit meta, but it’s an important part of our spiritual growth and small changes can have a great effect.

One of the ways to evaluate our thoughts is by asking ourselves impacting questions. Dr. Stanley shares nine questions to help us get started in his message “Taking Control of Your Thoughts”:

  1. Where does this thought come from?
  2. Where will these thoughts lead me?
  3. Will these thoughts get me where I want to go?
  4. Are these thoughts scripturally acceptable?
  5. Will these thoughts build me up or tear me down?
  6. Could I share these thoughts with someone else?
  7. Where did these thoughts originate?
  8. Do these thoughts make me feel guilty?
  9. Do these thoughts show me as a follower of Jesus?

Most of us would probably benefit from reviewing these questions at least once a day, if not more often, as the need arises. Feel free to print this list and keep it close. As you mentally recap the going-on of the day, consider the things that occupied your mind and commit to your thought life to the Lord.

Dr. Stanley explains how we can be the masters of our own minds in his message “Taking Control of Your Thoughts.”

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