6 Reasons We Feel Inadequate

Identifying Opportunities to Trust God More

By Linda Canup
  • April 14, 2015

This past weekend, in his message, “Those Feelings of Inadequacy,” Dr. Stanley said inadequacy can be a tremendous blessing. However, before we can discover the benefits, we must be willing to uncover the reasons for our struggles.

Dr. Stanley talked about six reasons we might feel inadequate. Could one of these issues be causing difficulty in your life?

  1. Feeling ill-equipped. Our life experiences may lead us to feel disadvantaged. It could be a matter of education, intelligence, or economic position.

  2. Poor self-image. When we don’t like who we are or think we’re unworthy, we’ll struggle with insecurity and feel undeserving of God’s calling and blessings.

  3. Comparison. There will always be someone else who has more advantages, better possessions, more money, or greater abilities than we do. Until we learn to accept the way God has made us, we’ll constantly see ourselves as inferior to others.

  4. Weak faith. If we doubt God’s promise to equip us, we’ll feel unable to accomplish whatever He’s called us to do. But He’s given us His Holy Spirit to empower us. When insecurities creep in, we who are believers do not have to be imprisoned by these feelings because Christ can enable us to overcome them.

  5. Criticism. It’s easy to feel competent when others praise and compliment us, but when criticism comes, we may lose our confidence and feel inadequate.

  6. Failures. We all fail at times, but we must guard against living with a constant sense of failure that leaves us defeated and unable to move forward.

When we know what troubles us, we can then take our burdens to the cross and allow Christ to meet our needs. Remember: He loves us and longs to give us a peace and confidence that can only come from Him. Will you trust Him today?

Listen as Dr. Stanley shares how we can overcome these challenges in his message “Those Feelings of Inadequacy.”

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