A Prayer for the People

A Call to Pray With Passion

By Charles F. Stanley
  • July 06, 2015

In his message “A Call to Prayer,” Dr. Stanley reminds us that it is only when we seek God, turn from our sin, and submit to His will that our nation—and our world—will be free. As we spend time with the Lord each day, we must remember to pray with passion and perseverance for our churches, our country’s leaders, and the challenges facing our nation.

He concludes his message with this prayer, which has been edited for publication.

Father, we’re crying out to You in obedience to Your Word, humbling ourselves before You. We know in our hearts that You desire to hear the prayers of Your children. We pray, first of all, for our own hearts to be clean and pure. We commit and humble ourselves before You. We acknowledge we need You. We want You and desire that You guide us. May every day be a day of prayer. May we come to you every day—not just every once in a while. We cry out to You and believe You hear and answer the prayers of Your children.

Lord, we love this nation of ours. We love the propagation of the gospel. We want the world to hear the truth of the gospel. You’ve given us freedom and liberty, Lord, and You’ve provided the finances necessary to get the truth of the gospel all around this world. We are crying out to the Sovereign God of this universe: You are our strength—You are our defense—and we pray for the defeat of the enemy.

We don’t want victory for victory’s sake, but so that Your name would be honored, lifted up, and exalted. You are the King of kings, the Lord of all lords, and the God who has all power, all might, and who knows all things. We glorify You. We honor You. We love You. We adore You. We look to You as our salvation, and to no one else. We pray that You’ll change the minds and hearts of those who rule over us, God. We pray for great conviction. You said to turn away from all wickedness, God. I pray that You will begin to etch that in the minds and hearts of Your children, Lord. We are Your children, the holy family of the Living God.

So today we pray, Father, to make a mark. We want to make a statement today, that as this remnant, we trust You for the forgiveness of sin. We pray that You’ll begin a change in the life of this nation, and that You will protect us and bring us back to Yourself. You know exactly what it takes to do that, and that is our prayer.

We love You; we praise You; and we thank You for this time that we could acknowledge our dependence upon You. We acknowledge, dear God, the wonderful privilege of having Your Word. May it be our guidebook every day of our lives.

We look forward to the expression of Your awesome power, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Listen to Dr. Stanley’s full message, “A Call to Prayer.”

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