A Year of Gratitude

Making Thankfulness a Way of Life

By In Touch Ministries Staff
  • November 14, 2015

Most of us want to be grateful, but our intentions don’t always get us very far. How many times have you started the day on the right foot to only end up on the wrong one by the end of it?

If we’re to be a thankful people, we must actively and purposefully take note of reasons to be grateful. Routines and rituals like keeping a gratitude journal can help exercise our thankfulness muscles, but that alone is not enough. In every trying moment, we ought to ask ourselves—what can I be grateful for right now?

Dr. Stanley challenges us to make thankfulness a way of life in this month’s From the Pastor’s Heart letter. He says:

There will be times when thanking and praising God comes easily because His blessings are so abundant and obvious. But on other occasions, it will be a sacrifice of praise because thanking Him will be the last thing you feel like doing… [However] if you’ll focus on the Lord with a heart of gratitude, your anxiety and fretting will be replaced with trust, and you’ll experience Christ’s peace and joy, which are beyond all human understanding.

We need to express gratitude far more than God needs to hear it. Each day is a gift. But if we’re not careful, the difficulties of life can get the better of our attitude. Before we know it, we can find ourselves downcast and complaining. Remembering the goodness of God must be a daily, moment-by-moment, activity.

So, what are you grateful for right now?

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