Death Doesn’t Win

Sharing the Good News of Eternal Life

By Linda Canup
  • April 03, 2015

This Friday is a day of mourning. Yesterday, an Islamic terrorist group killed at least 147 at a Kenya university. They were seeking to destroy non-Muslims.

These victims are heavy on my heart, not only because of incredible sadness of such a horrific attack, but also because today is Good Friday—a day when 2,000 years ago, Jesus’ followers mourned like men and women whose hope had been snuffed out. But their mourning didn’t last for long. Just a couple of days after He was killed, Jesus walked out of His tomb—alive. Death failed to keep Him down. Today, Jesus lives, and He shares the gift of eternal life with all who will accept His sacrifice on their behalf.

Because of what happened on Good Friday and Easter Sunday those many years ago, we no longer mourn like those who have no hope. We know from news reports that many of the victims in Kenya had gathered for a Christian prayer and worship service on the morning of the attack. Those men and women who died knowing Christ—they are alive and with Him now. While they may be gone from this earth, they walk freely and unburdened in the presence of their Savior. And one day, we, their brothers and sisters in Christ, will see them again.

This is the good and powerful news that the world needs to hear: death doesn’t win.

I’m reminded of Dr. Stanley’s words in this month’s From the Pastor’s Heart:

Because of Christ’s resurrection, we have become a part of a great missionary movement. Every believer has been called to share the message of the risen Savior with an unbelieving world, whether personally or through a church or mission organization (Acts 1:8). We each have a testimony to share, and God has placed us in our homes, workplaces, and cities to be His witnesses. The gospel we share is the only message with the power to change someone’s eternal destiny.

Who will you tell? This Easter weekend, will you explain what Christ’s triumph over death means to you? What it can mean to others? To the world? May you experience the joy of seeing new life in the eyes of a friend.

Read more about how Christ’s resurrection changes our lives today in this month’s From the Pastor’s Heart letter.

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