Don’t Have Much Time?

5-Minute Journaling Plan

By In Touch Ministries Staff
  • February 27, 2018

Good news: You don’t need much time to journal. If you can cobble together five or so minutes each day, you’re good to go!

Ways to Spend Your Five Minutes:

  1. Write down a prayer in your journal. Start with praising God for who He is, and then pour out your thoughts and emotions to Him. Yes, God is omniscient, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t interested in communicating with you. After all, what relationship can survive no communication?

  2. At the top of each page in the Life Principles Journal, you’ll find a scripture. Try rewriting that verse a few times on the page, focusing on each word. It’s a simple act, but doing so drives God’s truth a little more deeply into your spirit with each repetition. Think of it as a way to meditate on His Word with your mind, spirit, and body.

  3. List at least five things that truly delighted you in the past 24 hours. And be specific! Don’t worry about choosing “impressive” things. If it made you smile, then it’s worth recording. Let your joy reflect back to God, and thank Him for these little treasures.

If you have a little more time, try the SOAP method.

  1. Scripture: Write down a scripture—you could use whichever passage or verse you’re currently studying. At the top of each Life Principles Journal page there is a verse, so if you don’t know where to start, you can always look that one up and delve into the surrounding passage.

  2. Observe: What’s one thing that caught your attention about this verse or passage? What stood out to you?

  3. Apply: Consider how the truth in this verse or passage impacts your life. Did you learn something new? Or are your previous beliefs confirmed? In what ways does your life or behavior need to change?

  4. Pray: We can do nothing apart from the Holy Spirit, so regardless of what you learn or discover, you’ll need His help to truly grow. Take a moment to ask for God’s guidance and grace.

It’s ok if you don’t dedicate an hour every day to journaling, prayer, and biblical meditation. Just start with the time you do have. Consistency is the key to progress.

Draw closer to God with The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Journal. Build a written record of your spiritual journey and a timeless reminder of how God’s truth has transformed you.

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