Don’t Know Where to Start?

A Step-by-Step Journaling Guide

By In Touch Ministries Staff
  • March 01, 2018

If you’ve never journaled before, the thought of beginning may feel like signing up for homework—not fun. But in reality, keeping a journal can actually energize your spirit instead of draining it. Everyone is unique in their approach, so feel free to tailor this guide to suit your style.

Step 1: Spend a moment in God’s Word.

You don’t have to do hours upon hours of exegetical research to reap the benefits of studying the Bible. Try reading one or two Proverbs a day—they may be concise but they’re packed with enough spiritual nutrition to sustain a deep meditation. Or if stories are more your thing, head over to the books of Esther or Ruth. Riveting narratives like these abound in the Bible, like elaborate feasts waiting for you to take your seat at the table. Whatever you read, savor it.

Step 2: Reflect on what you read.

When it comes to meditating on God’s Word, curiosity is your friend. Open your journal and jot down questions about the verse or passage. It’s ok if you don’t have answers—an inquiring mind makes room for the Holy Spirit to reveal something new and unexpected. Note words or phrases that stick out to you. Over time, you may notice that certain words like love or themes like redemption consistently attract your attention, and having a written record in your journal will help you spot such patterns.

Step 3: Write down a prayer.

Of course you can pray anywhere, anytime. But truth be told, it’s easy to get distracted. By writing your prayers in a journal, you can better focus on His still, small voice. In your prayer, thank God for this specific passage, and ask Him how to apply its truths to your life. If you have a sense of something He may be telling you, write it down. And leave room for future revelations on this passage—God is always teaching His children.

Read, reflect, pray. Repeat.

It’s a simple rhythm, but it has the power to transform your quiet time into a dynamic duet with God. All you need is your Bible, journal, and perhaps your favorite mug of something warm.

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