Fighting the Lies

God’s Word Sets Us Free

By In Touch Ministries Staff
  • March 06, 2017

Salvation sets us free. It’s a simple truth that encapsulates a complexity we will never be able to understand this side of glory. The freedom we have in Christ is complete and covers every aspect of our being—mind, body, soul, spirit, and emotions.

And yet there is a ruler of this world who does everything in his power to distract us from that truth. A constant flood of media bombards us with fictions that trap us in our thoughts and enslaves our minds. He burdens us with our own failures, both real and perceived, and before we know it, we experience anything but freedom.

This is why it’s vitally important to take some time each day to turn it all off, tune into the power of God’s Word, and fill our tanks with His proclamations of truth. It reinvigorates our souls to be familiar with and dwell on His goodness. It feeds our spirits and is visible in our countenance. Our shoulders slump less and we stand a little taller.

It takes the sharp edge of God’s Word to fight off the lies of this world. As Dr. Stanley says in this month’s From the Pastor’s Heart letter:

To continue in God’s Word means that we abide in it. It fills our minds, shapes our attitudes and emotions, and directs our behavior. And the result will be freedom from sin and the deceptions that could captivate us. We live in a culture that continually feeds us lies about both God and ourselves. And Satan is the master of deceit, whose goal is to ensnare us in sin so we will be rendered ineffective and useless for God’s purposes. By knowing and obeying Scripture we will discover the truth that sets us free.

God longs to give us an abundant life, full of joy and love. Tough times are sure to come, but they need not control our hearts or rule our minds. Peace is found in trusting God to fulfill His Word. And that’s a kind of peace the world is looking for but can only be found in Christ.

Dr. Stanley writes about our freedom in Christ in this month’s From the Pastor’s Heart letter.

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