It’s Time for a Night Out

Get Out of Your Regularly Scheduled Rut

By Charles F. Stanley
  • March 20, 2017

What was last night like? Did you drive home on autopilot, taking the same route you usually take? Did you choose dinner from one of the same five fast food restaurants you normally hit up on the way home? Or maybe you had a healthy, pre-planned meal—that you’ve eaten for the umpteenth time.

How predictable is your life? It’s easy to get entrapped by our schedules. Each activity stakes its claim on a day and doesn’t let go. There’s certainly value in discipline and a healthy routine, but sometimes room for growth and discovery gets left out. We need variety. There’s a reason we call it the “spice of life.”

How about your relationships? When’s the last time you had a night out with a friend or your spouse? Met someone new? When’s the last time you looked someone in the eye for a reason other than to disseminate information and coordinate your actions? Enough interpersonal transactions. It’s time to connect with someone, in the moment, in a meaningful and fun way.

If you think you need to shake things up, consider joining us on this year’s In Touch Alaska cruise. It's a great way to meet someone new, or rediscover the people in your life who mean the most to you. You can stop and look at the people you’re with, ask them questions you’ve never asked before, and find out something new about them. Best of all, you’ll have time to dream about the future together as you enrich your relationship with the Lord.

But if you decide it’s not for you, don’t lose the lesson in all this. Make sure you still take some time for a “stop and smell the roses” type of moment every now and then, because gratitude and connection—“being still and knowing”—goes a long way in building a rich and fulfilling life.

Find out more about the 2018 In Touch Alaska Cruise!

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