Spotlight: ‘A Willing Servant’

Strengthening the Church in China

By Jamie A. Hughes
  • April 26, 2015

Considering that Mao Zedong once said, “Religion is poison,” the rapid growth of Christianity in China is truly remarkable. Ever since the government there decided to nationalize Christianity in August 2014, a tidal wave of articles have appeared in both religious and secular publications. However, ample press coverage doesn’t necessarily guarantee an accurate presentation of the situation—especially where the house church movement is concerned.

Of the 58 million Protestants currently believed to be in China, roughly half belong to these illegal underground churches. And as their numbers continue to grow, so does the need for discipleship resources.

That’s where one missionary (name withheld for security reasons) comes in. The subject of a new short film from In Touch, this businessman’s life drastically changed on a trip to China when he realized God had something deeper for him to accomplish.

Returning to the United States, he began buying Christian materials written in Mandarin and planning a second trip. Now, more than 20 visits later, the missionary continues to travel to China multiple times each year—leaving the comforts of home behind and making a nearly 30-hour journey. While there, he works tirelessly alongside members of the house church movement to encourage pastors and disciple new believers, sometimes teaching as much as 15 hours as a day. When he finishes, they beg him for more.

But he’s only one man, and his time in the country is limited. He wondered how the things he taught could be shared while he was gone. That’s why the In Touch Messenger—a handheld, solar-powered audio device loaded with the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and more than 65 of Dr. Stanley’s sermons—has been a key tool. To date, he has helped deliver roughly 13,000 devices, and they’re helping to provide believers with dependable biblical teaching.

In Touch Ministries was privileged to accompany the missionary on his most recent trip to chronicle the dramatic changes taking place in China and the Messenger’s role in strengthening believers half a world away.

Watch “A Willing Servant” now.

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